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Dheeraj Sethi

What were your reasons for choosing Leeds University Business School? 
I chose Leeds University Business School due to its renowned faculty, strong industry connections, and diverse academic offerings. The school's emphasis on practical skills, global perspectives, and a supportive learning environment aligned perfectly with my educational and career goals, making it an ideal choice for my academic journey. 

What is the best part of your studies? What are you enjoying the most? 
The most rewarding aspect of my MBA journey at Leeds University Business School is the dynamic blend of theoretical knowledge and real-world application. Engaging with accomplished faculty and collaborating with diverse peers has enriched my understanding of business strategies. This holistic approach to learning is what I'm truly relishing and finding the most enjoyable. 

Have you taken part in any additional activities? What are the key highlights? 
Participating in the MBA International Study Tour and student-led clubs at Leeds University Business School has been truly enriching. Engaging in cross-cultural exchanges during the Study Tour expanded my global perspective. Involvement in student-led clubs provided networking opportunities and enhanced my leadership skills. These experiences have been key highlights, complementing my academic journey effectively. 

Did you have any other noteworthy experiences/highlights during your time at Leeds? 
Absolutely, beyond academics, my time at Leeds University Business School has been brimming with remarkable experiences. Engaging in networking events allowed me to connect with professionals and peers alike. Volunteering for community projects emphasised the school's social responsibility ethos. These experiences, alongside academic pursuits, have collectively shaped my holistic growth and made my journey at Leeds truly exceptional. 

What have you learnt/experienced at the Business School that will help you in future career roles? 
My tenure at the Business School has been invaluable in shaping my future career. The comprehensive curriculum imparted practical skills like strategic analysis and effective communication. Engaging in case studies honed my problem-solving abilities. Collaborative projects enriched teamwork and leadership skills. These experiences collectively prepare me for versatile and successful roles in my future career. 

Have you used the services of the Professional Development Tutor/ Executive Careers Consultant? If yes, how would you describe your experience?  
Indeed, I've engaged with the Professional Development Tutor/Executive Careers Consultant, and the experience has been highly beneficial. Their personalised guidance helped me craft a tailored career roadmap. From refining my CV to honing my interview skills, their support was invaluable. Their industry insights and networking resources added immense value, enhancing my career preparedness significantly. 

What would you say is your defining memory of studying here? 
A defining memory of my time here is the profound growth in my confidence and abilities. Participating in a challenging group project, I witnessed my transformation from hesitancy to effective leadership. The unwavering support of friends and faculty instilled a sense of empowerment. This memory encapsulates my journey's essence – a testament to my personal and academic evolution. 

Overall how would you describe your Leeds MBA experience? 
My Leeds MBA experience has been nothing short of exceptional. The program's dynamic blend of theoretical rigour and practical application has equipped me with versatile skills. Engaging with diverse peers and esteemed faculty expanded my perspective. The networking opportunities, international exposure, and holistic growth have been definite highlights, making my Leeds MBA journey transformative and enriching. 

What was your previous role and organisation before studying for an MBA? 
With over 10 years of experience in the field of Internal audit and controls, I have developed a strong foundation in assessing and optimising Internal audits, conducting risk analyses and process review with assurance, due diligence and governance. My most recent role at Rolls-Royce India Private Ltd. allowed me to lead end-to-end internal control activities globally, achieving significant automation and efficiency improvements while maintaining a high acceptance rate and efficiency for targeted outcomes. 
During my tenure at various organizations, including LG Electronics, Sony and Deloitte, I have successfully implemented and improved business processes, worked closely as auditors with function lead and management teams, and identified opportunities for process enhancement. 

What is your impression/experience of the facilities, the staff, your peers, the City of Leeds and the region itself? 

My experience at Leeds University Business School has been marked by impressive facilities that foster learning and collaboration. The faculty's expertise and support have been instrumental in my growth. Interacting with talented peers has been enriching. The vibrant city of Leeds and its region offer a perfect blend of culture, opportunities, and a welcoming atmosphere, enhancing my overall journey.