Locate your research

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At the Business School, we are keen to make sure that your research links as closely as possible to our own research interests and expertise. We believe that this helps you not only produce work to a high standard but also helps to integrate you more fully into the wider research community within the School and more generally.

By locating your research in this way you are also likely to receive more focused advice and support in the future with publishing and disseminating your results. None of this means that you will be discouraged from developing your own ideas and interests. Rather our aim is to ensure that the time you spend with us is as productive and focused as possible. 

How to locate your research 

Before you develop your research proposal, it is important that you spend some time trying to understand the research that we do at the Business School, and whether your own research is likely to fit.

We are currently welcoming applications within identified research areas. You could also suggest your own topic, but must locate your research within Leeds University Business School.

When locating your research you will need to decide which of our six departments you think your research is best suited to, and which research centres your research proposal might best fit.

Download the locating your research form and find out more about how to apply.