Our approach

Four MBS students chatting on a bench in front of the Maurice Keyworth building.

Whether you want to grow your organisation, encourage innovation, improve leadership skills, enhance decision making or manage organisational change we have a wide range of customised solutions, open programmes and small business support to meet your needs.

Our Executive Education is powered by world-leading research, we draw on the expertise of academics from our research centres within Leeds University Business School, dedicated to different aspects of the business world, including:

Leadership and management - To be a great leader, you need to know how to inspire and effectively manage teams. Using a variety of teaching methods and tools, including coaching, mentoring, and case studies, our programmes will help you adapt to an increasingly international environment and improve your organisation’s wide leadership and management capabilities.

Strategy - Setting and executing a sound strategy in this rapidly changing world is a main pillar of business success. Our strategy programmes will help you understand how to uncover opportunities for creating and capturing value. Through a combination of cases and relevant research, you will gain the capability and knowledge to positively impact your organisation’s strategy.

Finance – As the world economy becomes more global and increasingly disparate, all executives need to understand the many facets of finance. Through a faculty body that blends academic research with proven experience, our programmes aim to improve your understanding of key financial elements of value-based management and empower you with powerful analytical tools that aid decision-making.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation - Stay attuned to the latest advancements through programmes designed to empower leaders. Our entrepreneurship and innovation programmes equip you with the requisite skills and expertise to distinguish yourself among peers. Led by a mix of academic faculty and top-tier industry professionals, these programmes equip you to make tangible real-world contributions.

We will be flexible around you with our flexible learning approach

As a part of the University of Leeds we have access to all the latest teaching and training technology to support your experience. We ensure your experience with us is flexible, collaborative, supportive and practical, enabling you to effect positive results in your organisation.


As well as the skills and knowledge you gain, we also provide you with lasting networks that will shape your own management perspective, benefitting both you and your business

Get in touch If you want to discuss any aspect of our courses, our team would be happy to talk with you. Contact us now (ExecEd@leeds.ac.uk).