Our approach

Esther Simpson Building

We are passionate about working with organisations and individuals to develop courses and programmes that will inspire and challenge you to achieve your full potential.

We have a dedicated team who work with specialist academics and industry experts to deliver cutting edge programmes which are founded in the latest thinking and research.

Whether you want to grow your organisation, encourage innovation, improve leadership skills, enhance decision making or manage organisational change we have a wide range of customised solutions, open programmes and small business support to meet your needs.

Expert presenters and facilitators

We draw on the expertise of academics from our research centres within Leeds University Business School, dedicated to different aspects of the business world, including:

  • Decision making, economic sustainability and finance
  • International business and marketing
  • Technology and innovation
  • Leadership, work organisation and employment

This gives us access to the most up-to-date thinking on key topics which feeds directly into each one of our courses and programmes. 

Flexible learning

We are experienced in blended delivery methods and we are continuing to develop our portfolio of programmes. As a part of the University of Leeds we have access to all the latest teaching and training technology to support your experience. We ensure your experience with us is flexible, collaborative, supportive and practical, enabling you to effect positive results in your organisation.


As well as the skills and knowledge you gain, we also provide you with lasting networks that will shape your own management perspective, benefitting both you and your business. Find out about our SME Leaders Forum.

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