Our approach

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Our executive and professional programmes will inspire and challenge you to achieve your full potential. Whether you want to grow your organisation, encourage innovation, improve leadership skills, enhance decision making or manage organisational change we have a wide range of customised solutions, open programmes and small business growth support to meet your organisational needs.

Flexible learning

We are a hub of learning excellence and experienced professionals in blended delivery methods. We ensure your executive and professional education experience with us is flexible, collaborative, supported and practical, enabling you to affect positive results within your organisation. 

As well as the skills and knowledge you gain, we also provide you with lasting networks that will shape your own management perspective, benefitting both you and your business. 

Our experts

We draw on the expertise of academics from over 15 influential interdisciplinary research centres within Leeds University Business School, each dedicated to different aspects of the business world including:

  • Decision making, economic sustainability and finance
  • International business and marketing
  • Technology and innovation
  • Leadership, work organisation and employment

This gives us a breadth of ground-breaking thought leadership and new knowledge to feed directly into your executive education and professional solutions. 

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