Lecture theatre

Sponsorship is a significant part of our ambition to secure mutually beneficial, strategic partnerships with the business community. For many organisations and professional bodies, supporting our programmes, academics and research centres gives them access to the latest business, economic and policy issues. It exposes them to key audiences and helps shape the future business leaders we are developing.

Sponsorship opportunities range from support for individual seminars, lectures or prizes to funding for a named professorial chair or school facility. There are a number of sponsorship opportunities available at Leeds University Business School.

Sponsorship of infrastucture

Our flagship teaching rooms are available for sponsorship. These include our lecture theatres and executive education suite of teaching rooms. The selected venue would be named after the sponsoring organisation and would be referred to by that name. Signage externally and within the venue would be branded in the sponsor’s brand.

Sponsorship of prizes and awards

Biannually our students graduate from the University. We have a range of prizes which are awarded to our students, based on a variety of categories, including the highest mark for a module and individual/team contribution.

Sponsorship of professorial chair

There are opportunities to sponsor professorial chairs. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Contact us

For more information about sponsorship opportunities at the Business School, please contact: info@lubs.leeds.ac.uk