Student and alumni profiles

Find out what our current students think about our courses, where our alumni are now and how their experiences at Leeds have helped them in their career.

Name Course Nationality
Abeer Alaydi Abeer Alaydi MSc International Business Jordanian
Full-time MBA student Abhilash. Abhilash Ramesh Full-time MBA Indian
Student and alumni profiles | Leeds University Business School | University of Leeds Abisola Atoyegbe MSc Global Strategy and Innovation Management British
Achumile Majija (MBA 2010) Achumile Majija Full-time MBA South African
Adam Mulla (BSc Economics 2018) Adam Mulla BSc Economics
Adam Scott (MSc Organizational Psychology 2015) Adam Scott MSc Organizational Psychology British
Adan Ali Adan Ali BA Management Kenyan
Aderonke Olayiwola Aderonke Olayiwola MSc Data Analytics and Human Resource Management Nigerian
Adile Deliimam (MSc International Marketing Management 2014) Adile Deliimam MSc International Marketing Management Bulgarian
Adriana Yahel Solares Solo Adriana Yahel Solares Soto MSc Banking and Finance Mexican
Alan Chan Alan Chan Full-time MBA Australian
Alan Manuel Calzada Arroyo Alan Manuel Calzada Arroyo MSc International Business Mexican
Aleksandra Slowinska Aleksandra Slowinska MA Human Resource Management Polish
Alex Lozowski Alex Lozowski BSc Economics
Alex outside the Esther Simpson building Alex Massey BSc Economics British
Alexander Hickson Alexander Hickson Corporate Communication, Marketing and Public Relations
Alexey Partasov Alexey Partasov MSc Management Russian
Alexis inside the Esther Simpson building Alexis Denyer BA Business Management and the Human Resource British
Alkan Dogan Alkan Dogan MSc Management German
Headshot style image Allesandra Macasa MA Human Resource Management Filipino