Study abroad

Study abroad students in Hong Kong

Make friends, experience another culture and have fun. Choose from places including the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan and countries in Europe. All of our students have the opportunity to take a year abroad, so make sure you take yours.

Why study abroad?

  • The opportunity to live in another culture, meet new people and see new places
  • The chance to show potential employers that you are capable, independent and that you rise to a challenge
  • Improved confidence and communication skills
  • Academic enhancement - broaden your knowledge by studying at one of our high-quality partner institutions - some of the leading universities and business schools in the world
  • A year of adventure you might never get another chance to experience. As a student you have access to visas that might not be available at other times in your life.

Which locations can I study in?

The University has partnerships with more than 300 universities worldwide and popular destinations for our students include Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa and Latin America.

Visit the University of Leeds study abroad website  to find out more about possible destinations

Ashley Clewes one of our study abroad students

Ashely Clewes studied in New South Wales 

Josie Waterman on her study abroad year in the US

Josie Waterman studied in Wisconsin

How do I apply to study abroad? 

  • You decide whether you want to study abroad at the start of your second year. If you decide to do this, your year abroad will be your third year and you will transfer to a four year version of your degree programme.
  • Please note: international (non-EU) students can apply for a Study Year Abroad however may be required to extend their Tier 4 visa. Further details can be found here.
  • To qualify for a year abroad you must pass all year 1 modules with an average of 60+.
  • You will be enrolled on the Study Abroad module LUBS9001 throughout the year, which will enable you to reflect on and articulate the skills gained on a year abroad. As well as this, you will be registered as a full time student at a partner institution, and will be studying modules overseas that enhance your knowledge of business, and develop a deeper understanding of the culture you are living in.
  • Upon successful completion of the year abroad, the word ‘International’ will be appended to your degree title.
  • Your marks abroad won’t affect your degree classification, only the title of your degree.

What will it cost?

  • Study abroad students pay reduced tuition fees to the University of Leeds, but do not pay any fees to the partner institution. For the latest information on fees please visit the University of Leeds Study Abroad website.
  • The Study Abroad office has up-to-date lists of all the partner institutions, and information on the cost of living in participating countries.
  • You will be eligible to continue to receive any student loan to which you are normally entitled. Some Local Education Authorities (LEA) give extra help in the form of travel grants.

For more information contact 

Summer schools

You can also apply to take part in a short-course summer school at one of our overseas partner institutions. A summer school can be taken as part of a three year degree, or in addition to a study year abroad or year in industry and Enterprise. 


Jasmine Moodie BA Management with Marketing

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Studying abroad has helped me develop my communication skills since I surrounded myself with a huge amount of international friends. Finding common ground can be hard when there's a cultural and language barrier, but by the end of my time in France I can safely say that I have built, and will continue to build, connections with people vastly different to me!
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Tom Simpson BSc Economics

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One of the biggest reasons I chose Leeds University Business School was for the extra opportunities on offer, and I applied here already knowing I wanted to study abroad in the USA in my third year, so I was delighted to be accepted to study at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. It made my time at university so unique and memorable, I was able to broaden my academic horizons by taking specialist modules such as Economics and Law and Entrepreneurial Management, as well as cultural modules like Hip Hop and Contemporary American Society!
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