Two graduates hugging outside of the Great Hall

Graduation, transcripts, replacement degree certificates and references 

I'm due to graduate soon. What are the arrangements?

To find out more details and register for graduation, please visit the graduation page

How do I get a copy of my transcript or graduation certificate?

Full details of how to order transcripts, statements and replacement degree certificates can be found at the Student Services Store. There is a small charge for this service. 

Can I get academic verification from The Business School

Your employer, or other third party organisation, needs to request the academic verification on your behalf through the Prospects Hedd website. The verification confirms that you attended and completed (if applicable) a degree at the University of Leeds.

If you need proof of your studies and award (if applicable) you should apply for a former student statement through the Student Services Centre

Get involved 

How can I get involved with the Business School? Eg be a mentor, offer a project placement?

There are many ways that you can get involved with the Business School after you graduate. Let us know how you want to volunteer by emailing: alumni@lubs.leeds.ac.uk

Accessing our community 

Do I have to pay to join the alumni community?

No, membership to the community is free and automatic for anyone who has studied at the Business School.

What if I have forgotten my login details for Leeds alumni online?

If you have forgotten your login or password details please email: leedsalumnionline@leeds.ac.uk

How do I get in touch with old classmates?

Due to data protection regulations we are unable to share the contact information of any of our graduates with third parties. If you have lost touch with friends or classmates you can search for their details in the online Find a Friend database.

If you are unable to find your friend then please contact us on alumni@lubs.leeds.ac.uk and if we are able to we will contact the person on your behalf and ask them to get in touch.

How do I get in contact with alumni in my home or new country once I've graduated?

All alumni are welcome to attend our events or join our alumni groups and our social networks in their local area to network with fellow alumni and make new contacts.

I'm a student, how do I get in contact with alumni to ask for their advice?

You are welcome to network with alumni at our events or join our alumni groups and social networks where you can ask advice online. 

If you are interested in getting in touch with alumni from a specific country or industry, please get in touch on alumni@lubs.leeds.ac.uk and we will see if we can help. 

Using the University's facilities

Can I still use the University's facilities after I have graduated?

Yes, as Leeds alumni you can access the University's library facilities free of charge, however, there is a small fee payable for borrowing items. For further information visit the Library website.

Students' Union
All former members of Leeds University Union are entitled to life membership. Life members can use Union facilities, join clubs and societies. For further information visit the Union website.

Sports Centre
Alumni are welcome to join The Edge fitness, sport and wellbeing complex and also take part in alumni sports events. For more information visit The Edge website.

Can I buy University merchandise?

You can shop online for University of Leeds branded merchandise from Gear.