Odontuul Ganbat


What was the best part of your studies here? What did you enjoy the most?
As a result of studying at my MBA, I have learnt and improved my skills in the following areas:
-Leadership and management
-Having lifetime good friends from over 20 countries
-Personal organisational skills within a tight deadline 
-Updating my previous academic studies such as mathematics, statistics, marketing etc.,
-Business planning
-Strategic planning
-Critical thinking skills etc

What were your career aspirations when you arrived? Do you think the experience and skills you gained here will help/helped you in your future career plans? In what way?
With the MBA course, I have gained the essential managerial skills for my next career. I believe the MBA has equipped me with the skills to become a top manager within the Banking and Finance sector.

How has your career progressed since leaving the Business School? Have there been any notable highlights?
Since graduating, I have received a variety of offers from organisations to become the Executive Director as well as, work for organizations such as
-Head of Project Management and Management consultant at Quarry Court Group, Great Britain;
-Advisor to the Chairman at Golomt bank of Mongolia;
-Deputy CEO at the Development Bank of Mongolia; and
-CEO at National Investment bank of Mongolia

Where are you currently working, and what is your role?

I am now using these skills obtained from my MBA to manage my own management consulting firm as the CEO.

What are your ambitions for the future?

In the future, I aspire to become an inspirational leader in the banking, finance, and management consulting sector.

If you are not from the UK, how was the transition to a foreign country? Did the university offer support or services that you found helpful? Can you offer any advice?

Being from Mongolia, I found the transition to be tough from the beginning. I had to overcome a lot of difficulties and challenges in order to achieve my goal of studying for an MBA at one of the top-ranked universities in the world. The support from the University was outstanding. I have been nominated for the Excellence of Achievements award and received a full tuition fee scholarship. I am deeply appreciated by the great University staff, and I will always be thankful to the university.

What was your impression/experience of the facilities, the staff, your peers, the student union, the City of Leeds and the region itself? What would you recommend to future students?

The city of Leeds is modern and stunning and very comfortable for students. All the capacities of the university are well prepared for studying. Only you need to try hard and effectively in order to achieve your goal and complete your course at the university. I would highly recommend the university for any young person with a clear goal and big dream to study at one of the widely accepted global academic institutions.