Grant Mercer

I am a highly creative and energetic individual. I have focused my energies on building businesses, including my own company, building brands and introducing innovative and inspiring ideas to companies. In addition I am a creative writer: writing ads, songs and music videos!

After graduating from Leeds University I began a career in advertising initially finding my true vocation as Business Development Director. In this role, for two of the largest agencies in the world I was responsible for winning over 40 new business pitches.

In 1998 I became MD for a much smaller agency (MKP), who made less than £100k profit per year. By 2002 I had built the company extensively, and orchestrated its sale to Omnicom. In the three 'earn out' years the agency profitability exceeded £8m.

Omnicom invited me to merge my company MKP with their through the line agency Tequila. As the CEO I was responsible for successfully merging the two companies to create the largest most profitable agency outside of London.

I moved to Cable & Wireless (Americas) in 2005 as SVP Marketing and Communications - a role which saw me increase revenues, volumes and connections across all elements of our business- in the mobile sector market share increased from 15%-29%; on-line connections increased from 8,500- 150,000 within six months; and fixed line connections increased to their highest ever level.

In 2008 I moved to Saatchi and Saatchi Australasia as Communications Director responsible for, amongst other things, the biggest Telco client in the region.

My business building focus continued in 2010, when I joined an effective start up called DJI, who had just entered the lottery business in China. In 2014 DJI posted record revenues of over £600m and we now operate in 13 provinces across China.