Richard Corderoy

Richard helps enable the fantastic team at the Oakland Group to solve challenging business problems and realise new opportunities for their wide range of clients.

Richard believes that it’s always an exciting/hair raising journey to combine the potential of advanced analytics (including 'Big Data' and 'Artifical Intelligence') with the discipline of process and quality transformation all delivered in the context of a 35-year-old, non-nonsense Yorkshire based business!

Richard is still learning – stretching himself and encouraging the team to go further. An enthusiastic technologist, who is both a sceptic and an optimist with a strong belief in the ability to build a better world.

Oakland Delivers:

Project Based Analytics. Helping businesses embark on the journey to get more from their data or helping them to solve particularly challenging analytical problems. Technology agnostic – they specialise in combining the best of new tech with the realities of corporate systems.

Process and Quality Improvement. Challenging perceptions around how process and quality improvement can help organisations and providing practical management and governance structures that bridge the gap between the ‘intent of management’ and the operational reality. Richard believes that the real opportunity exists where these things are progressed in parallel, and a shiny dashboard means little if it is not integrated into the real business

Richard is also proud to be one of the founding members of The Oakland Institute, sponsoring primary research advancing people development.