Dina Williams

PhD - Manchester Business School, University of Manchester

PhD - The Ural Federal University (former the Ural State Technical University), Ekaterinburg, Russia

BA (with distinction) - The Ural State University of Economics, Ekaterinburg, Russia

Professional Qualifications

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Fellow of the National Council for Entrepreneurship in Education (NCEE)

Dina is an enterprising, creative researcher, lecturer, practitioner with diverse work experience and variety of skills. She  was born and raised in Russia, previously worked in business and academia in Russia and the USA; since 2011 she resides in the UK. She obtained her PhD in Science, Innovation and Technology Management from Manchester Business School.  Over 20 years of her professional career she has started, developed & directed a number of small enterprises, assisted in creation of a dozen of new firms, as well as managed consulting projects on restructuring former state-run enterprises. Alongside academic activities, Dina runs her own training and consulting company EnACT: Enterprise Action Consulting and Training Ltd assisting HEI in the UK and abroad with the development and delivery of enterprise curricular as well as undertaking impact research on university wide entrepreneurship support initiatives.

Dina serves as an advisor to the American Council for International Education and New Eurasia Foundation, project EURECA (Enhancing Universities Research and Entrepreneurship Capacity).

Key areas of Dina’s expertise are entrepreneurship development; enterprise and entrepreneurship education; academic entrepreneurship with focus on the development of entrepreneurial capacity in student and faculty; university-industry interaction in regional innovation development.


Journal Articles:

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Book Chapters

D.Williams, D. Tsiteladze Assessing value added of incubation mechanism for innovative SMEs in Russia, in John Hopkins University Series on Entrepreneurship (forthcoming 2016)

D. Williams (2013) ‘Building support infrastructure for technology-based businesses: What emerging economies can learn from the Western experience?’ In: New Technology-Based Firms in the New Millennium.  Bingley, UK: Emerald. pp. 183-196.

Conference papers:

D. Williams, A. Bedny, N. Terlyga “Evaluation of Institutional Factors Shaping Entrepreneurial University: A Tale of Two Universities and Regional Development in Russia”, ECIE, September 2015

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