David Stead

David Stead is a Finance Director servicing SMEs on a freelance basis through his business Foxtrot Delta Limited. He provides business guidance during their growth phases, fundraising or support during the due diligence process of a sale or acquisition.

He has worked within the media industry for 24 years most recently at producer Jeremy Thomas’ Hanway Films, an independent sales agency and production company as FD. Prior to that he was at Simon Fuller’s 19 Entertainment having financial responsibility for projects involving David and Victoria Beckham, Andy Murray, Claudia Schiffer and Roland Mouret. He had sole responsibility for the financial analysis and planning of the $250m organisation including US behemoth American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance.

Prior to this he led the finance at Robert Dodds’ creative agency Freedom Media which pioneered advertiser funded programming with the Pepsi Chart TV show and raised finance to start pop teen brand Popworld, which drove Channel 4’s T4 brand on weekend mornings. He was also general manager at Parallel Media Group, a sports event promoter and TV sport content provider, establishing joint ventures with NBC Sports and subsidiaries in South Africa and Malaysia.