Professor Mark Wooden

Mark Wooden is Professorial Research Fellow at the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research, University of Melbourne, and founding Director of the HILDA Survey project.

He is the author / co-author of 4 books (including The Transformation of Australian Industrial Relations, in 2000), more than 25 book chapters and over 160 journal articles. His main field of interest has been the changing nature of work, and especially working time and atypical employment arrangements, with his research appearing multiple times in all three of the world’s leading IR journals. However, the most distinctive feature of his resume is its breadth, extending across the social sciences.

Since 2000 he has been leading the development and administration of the HILDA Survey, Australia’s first large-scale national household panel survey. It is now widely recognised as one of the world’s leading examples of this type of study, on a par with the longer-running PSID in the US, the SOEP in Germany, and the BHPS / UKHLS in the UK.

While visiting CERIC, Mark will be collaborating with CERIC Associate Andy Charlwood on research investigating the links between psycho-social strain at work and working hours, on the one hand, and health behaviours (such as smoking, alcohol consumption and physical exercise) and outcomes (such as obesity), on the other.