Sonila Danaj

Sonila is a doctoral student at the University of Jyväskylä in Finland. She is part of the European Research Consortium funded project ‘Transnational Work and the Evolution of Sovereignty’, with Principal Investigator Dr Nathan Lillie.

Sonila received an MA in Contemporary European Studies from the Sussex European Institute and another MA in Political Science from Central European University in Budapest.

She worked as an instructor for five years at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tirana and another three at the European University of Tirana. Prior to the initiation of her doctoral studies, she worked as a researcher and research consultant for various non-governmental organisations, such as International Organization for Migration, UN Women, Open Society Foundation/Albania, ‘United for Child Care and Protection’ Coalition, and “United for Child Care and Protection” Coalition and Centre for Economic and Social Studies, and as a project coordinator for the Albanian Institute of Public Affairs.

Research Interests

  • Industrial relations and social movements
  • Worker organization and mobilization
  • Transnational labour migration
  • Citizenship, identity and social movements
  • Discourse analysis

Selected publications

2013 'Posting in Britain: dealing with a new employment reality' PHD Seminar in Labour Process Theories, Tampere, Finland.

2013 'Institutions attitude to posted work: the case of the UK,' International Workshop on Institutions in Context: Inequality, Tampere, Finland.

2013 AIPA, 'Effects of Blood Feuds on Women and Girls in Albania,' Tirana: AIPA.

2012 Open Society Foundation/Albania,'Political Discourse Analysis Report,' Tirana: OSFA.2011 'A Situational Analysis of the Child Protection System in Albania in 2011,' Tirana: "United for Child Care and Protection" Coalition.

2011 'They will save us, or shouldn't they? An analysis of the role of the international community in the Albanian print media after the January 21st 2011 demonstrations,' CEU Political Science Journal, Vol. 6 No 3.

2008 'Situational Analysis Report on Child Trafficking in Albania', Tirana: The Albanian Coalition against Child Trafficking.

2008 'Rural Women: the invisible citizens,' Polis 5. Tirana: European University of Tirana.

2006 'Assessment of the Capacities of the Regional Employment Offices to Support the Overall Effort of the Albanian Government to Reintegrate Return Migrants, in Particular Readmitted Migrants'. Internal Report, Tirana: IOM.

2006 'Return and Readmission: The Case of Albania' with Teuta Grazhdani, Elisabeth Warn and Arolda Elbasani. Tirana: IOM.

2002 'Problems of Identity of Immigrants in Italy, Integration or Isolation. A case study of the Albanians in Italy,' Open Society Institute, Bath.