Key contacts for Leeds University Business School

Name Position Phone number Email
Professor Peter Moizer Executive Dean +44(0)113 343 4499
Professor Julia Bennell Deputy Dean +44 (0)113 343 8883
Professor Iain Clacher Pro-Dean (International) +44 (0) 113 34 36860
Professor Nick Scott Pro-Dean for Student Education +44 (0) 113 343 6070
Professor Mark Stuart Pro-Dean for Research and Innovation +44(0)113 343 6851
Professor Andy Charlwood Head of the Work and Employment Relations Division +44(0)113 343 2384
Professor David Spencer Head of Economics Division +44 (0)113 343 4491
Professor Nicholas Wilson Head of Accounting and Finance Division +44(0)113 343 4472
Professor Kerrie Unsworth Head of Management Division +44(0)113 343 4310
Professor Annie Wei Head of International Business Division +44 (0) 113 343 7946
Professor Constantinos Leonidou Head of Marketing Division +44(0)113 343 6855

in Leeds University Business School

Last name First name Email
Ainaff Ayaz
student image Akoroda Oghenechavwe
Miss. Nedaa Al-Barwani _ School of Business Al Barwani Nedaa
Ehssan Aljohani Ehssan
A&F / CASIF (Obada) Almajali Obada
Sam Appleton Samuel
Esra Profile Asif Esra
John Balabanis Balabanis John
Thereza pic Balliester Reis Thereza
CB Bentham Caroline
Edda Blumenstein Blumenstein Edda
Lucy Bolton Bolton Lucy
Christian Bretter Bretter Christian
Brouwers Lilith
imagxinyuecai Cai Xinyue
CC Carson Calum
Alessandro Cerpa Vielma Nicole
Cheng Jiahui
PhD candidate, researcher, Leeds University Business School Christofide Marina
Jack Daly - Research Student Daly Jack
Profile Dao Hung
Dosumu Oluwatoyin
People | Leeds University Business School | University of Leeds Ebeigbe Isibor
NikolasFeistkornCASIF Feistkorn Nikolas
Annalise Galea Galea Annalise
Giesolf Inge
Marica Grego - Leeds University Business School Grego Marica
Triana Hadiprawoto - Leeds University Business School Hadiprawoto Triana
Harcourt Rachel
People | Leeds University Business School | University of Leeds He Linyu
Marvin Herrera 
IB Herrera Iftodi Marvin
Elena H Hofferberth Elena
Huang Xuan
Profile picture of Cheryl Hurst Hurst Cheryl
Reika PGR Igarashi Reika
Afshan Iqbal - Leeds University Business School Iqbal Afshan
People | Leeds University Business School | University of Leeds Irnazarow Aleksandra
Abbie Iveson Abbie
Jeon Mingyeong
Chenxing Jing Jing Chenxing
Kadi Kadi Saleh
alt=(Katerina Karamoutsou, postgraduate reesarcher) Karamoutsou Katerina
Kent Hannah
White middle aged woman in red dress with tattooed arms and green short curly hair, in front of bookcases Lamont Jiggens Rebecca
David Larkin, PGR 
LUBS Larkin David
Profile picture Liu Yang
Liu Fengjie
Lo Ka Chun
Siyi Lu-Marketing-Business School Lu Siyi
Luise Cristian
Lauren Machon, PGR, Management Division Machon Lauren
People | Leeds University Business School | University of Leeds Matheja Valerie
Nasia Nalmpanti Nalmpanti Athanasia
Afolakemi Ogunnubi Afolakemi
LUBS Olabisi Nafisat
Mrs Oluwaseun Olabode Olabode Oluwaseun
Daniel Pérez Ruiz Daniel
Iman Pirayandeh Pirayandeh Iman
Profile photo Plotnikova Anna
Sanjay Popat, Leeds University Business School Popat Sanjay
, Pugh Daniel
Fathiro Putra Putra Fathiro
k Ramli Kautsar
Portrait photograph of Maisie Aufderhorst-Roberts Roberts Maisie
Rodrigo Rodriguez Rodrigo
Felix Schulz, PGR Schulz Felix
Searle Leon Pamela
Karen PGR Tejedor Bowen Karen
Arash Valipour Valipour Arash
Photograph of Savita Verma Verma Savita
PhD researcher, LUBS Wang Mingchu
Simon Williams, PhD Researcher Williams Simon
Chuanqi Xu - Business School Xu Chuanqi
Sherif Youssef - School of Business Youssef Sherif
Chong Yu Yu Chong
Eleni Zantidou Zantidou Eleni
Alessandro Zhu Zetao