Oghenechavwe Akoroda

Oghenechavwe Akoroda


I am a Doctoral Researcher at the University of Leeds. Currently rounding up the thesis and involved as a Research assistant in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship. I have been involved in a variety of work experiences. Upon previously graduating from LUBS, went into financial services and have worked in various capacities such as Customer solutions associate, Customer experience consultant and Case Management in the banking industry and production industry. Drawing from experiences of working with different people and collaborating with different stakeholders, I was motivated to pursue a PhD to understand further how employees share knowledge, how knowledge can be managed properly within organisations.

As part of professional development, I have presented at several reputable conferences at a national and international level.

Academic Conferences

Engaged with Academics and Practitioners surrounding research knowledge management. Presented a developmental paper in Knowledge and learning at the British Academy of Management conference 2016.

Presented findings from the fieldwork of research at Exploring critical-theoretical perspectives to the study of social media in organisations - European Conference on Information Systems - ECIS 2019. Discussed at the workshop the themes that emerged from the data collected and the direction of the research.

Teaching Experience

Experience of teaching on the following module: -

  • LUBS 3360 – Enterprise and Entrepreneurship


Research interests

I am interested in Knowledge sharing within organizations among employees, trying to understand how they go about their day -to -day activities, what are the challenges they face during such activities and how recommendations for change can be proposed. Knowledge management, Information management, Information management Systems, ICT for development, Knowledge sharing are also research interests especially in developing economies as there is limited literature on this. 

My expertise is in qualitative approaches and applying different knowledge sharing theories in investigating knowledge sharing within organisations. Understanding the impact of cultural, environmental and technological factors that influence how knowledge is shared.




  • PhD in Management, University of Leeds Business School, (In View)
  • MSc Management (Merit)
  • Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting, London School of Buiness and Finance.
  • B.Tech Agribusiness (2:1)

Research groups and institutes

  • Adaptation Information Management and Technology