Megan Marie Butler

Megan Marie Butler


Megan is a PhD candidate at Leeds University Business School (LUBS) and a subject matter expert on the use of artificial intelligence and emerging technology in HR. Focusing on the ethical use of data in decision-making for HR, Megan’s goal is to help businesses understand the risks and benefits of AI so that they can develop an ethical and legal approach to data-driven decision-making. You can find Megan working on industry and academic research projects focused on AI for HR, people analytics, and the use of people data for data-driven decision-making.

Megan is working on her PhD part-time while also working as a Future of Work Strategist for Rizing HCM. 

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Thesis summary/synopsis

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been earmarked as leading the 4th industrial revolution, it is already a part of our daily lives, and most of us don't even notice it when we talk to Siri or click on a recommendation on Netflix.

AI is making headline news daily, and that’s no different for AI in HR. Though, the discussion in this space is commonly based on hype, unrealised expectations, and very few facts. This mass fragmented and rarely factual information is confusing for HR professionals and is making it difficult for governing bodies to help the profession to navigate these changes in technology. 

For HR practitioners there are already fundamental changes taking place in the world of HR. Annual performance reviews, employee engagement surveys, and post-and-pray methods are dated and being displaced, however, what best practices are replacing them? Is technology able to replace these practices with new, better ones? If so, what technology and how? How will these changes disrupt HR departments and professionals? How will this shape the future of work?

This research project is taking an academic look at the AI HR markets with the first goal being to map the product offerings, technology being used, and track changes to the market. The next step is to understand how AI technology is being applied within HR practice by HR practitioners, including success and challenges.  Once a clear understanding of the present situation is formulated, then forward-looking research and recommendations can be made.

Artificial Intelligence, AI, machine learning, Human Resource Management, HR, HRM, Future of Work, FoW, HR Technology


  • BA in Humanities - University of Western Ontario
  • Business Certificate in Human Resource Management - University of Calgary
  • MBA focussed on International Human Resource Management (distinctions)- Coventry University (London)

Research groups and institutes

  • Centre for Employment Relations, Innovation and Change