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Staff and PhD researchers

Visiting facutly

  • Christian Asmussen - Visiting Professor, Copenhagen Business School
  • Tomas Hult - Visiting Professor, Michigan State University, Eli Broad College of Business
  • Hafiz Mirza - Visiting Professor, University of Reading, Henley Business School
  • Oded Shenkar - Visiting Professor, Ohio State University

Completed PhD students

2010 - 2014
  • Dr Liz Mason (2014): "The effect of a national institutional system of intellectual property protection and enforcement (ISI) on the intellectual property management strategies of firms: The case of India and China".
  • Dr Pekka Vahtera (2014): "How Intra-firm Networks Create Value and Liabilities in Micro-level Processes of Global Virtual Teams".
  • Dr Conor McDonald (2014): "The impact of subnational heterogeneity on foreign direct investment location decisions and the performance of foreign affiliates: The case of multinational enterprises in China".
  • Eleni Piteli (2014) "Migrant remittances and economic performance: A global assessment of the impact of remittances on recipient countries".
  • Jing Li (2014) "Venture capitalists' involvement and listed firm's foreign direct investment: an exploratory study on China experiences".
  • Dr Surender Munjal (2013): "Foreign Acquisitions by Indian Multinational Enterprises: Testing and Extending Internationalisation Frameworks".
  • Dr Chris Bond (2012): "The Influence of FDI on Worker Welfare in Qingdao, China"
  • Dr Julia Kubny (2011): "Assessing the benefits of foreign direct investment from emerging economies: Chinese investment in Cambodia and Vietnam".
  • Dr Daniella Fjellstrom (2011): "Motivation, Culture and Language in international knowledge transfer: Swedish multinational enterprises in China".
  • Dr Nikolaos Papageorgiadis (2010) : "Towards an International Intellectual Property Rights Index"
2005 - 2009
  • Dr Kamil Zbychorski (2009): "Multinational Enterprises' International Transfer Pricing Strategies in China".
  • Dr Elizabeth Yi Wang (2009): "FDI spillovers in China - Regional Technological Spillovers and Local Competition", supervised by Jeremy Clegg, Peter Buckley and Chengqi Wang (external).
  • Dr Michael Griffiths (2009): "Distinction: Consumption and Identity in the People's Republic of China", supervised by Malcolm Chapman, Adam Cross and Flemming Christiansen.
  • Dr Wen Chung  Hsu (2009): "Dose Outward FDI Really Hollow-out Home Economy? An Empirical Examination of the Case of Taiwan", supervised by Jeremy Clegg, and Chengqi Wang (external).
  • Dr Eva Alföldi (2008): "Regional differentiation, dual mandates and inter-subsidiary knowledge transfer in the multinational enterprise", supervised by Jeremy Clegg, Hui Tan (external), Sarah McGaughey (external) and Syed Kamall (external).
  • Dr Andreas Moosdorf (2008): "The determinants of international knowledge transfer effectiveness - conceptual advances and empirical verification."
  • Dr Brandon Charleston (2008): "What are the cross cultural issues experienced by Ex-patriate managers working on aid projects in developing countries?", supervised by Malcolm Chapman and Hanna Gajewska-De Mattos.
  • Dr Binh P Pham (2008): "Foreign direct investment in Viet Nam's Liberalising Telecommunications Services Market", supervised by Peter Buckley, Jeremy Clegg and Hui Tan (external).
  • Dr Li Dong (2007): "National and corporate culture differences and the management of international strategic alliances: perceptions of Chinese partners", supervised by Jeremy Clegg, Tom Burgess, and Keith Gleister (External).
  • Dr Ladislav Hersic (2007): "Foreign Direct Investments in Banking Sectors of Transitional Economies with special reference to Slovakia", supervised by Rumy Husan (External).
  • Dr Hinrich Voss (2007): "The Foreign Direct Investment Behaviour of Chinese Firms: Does the 'New Institutional Theory' Approach Offer Explanatory Power?", supervised by Adam Cross and Peter Buckley.
  • Dr Xin Liu (2007): "China's outward foreign direct investment", supervised by Hui Tan, Peter Buckley and Adam Cross.
  • Dr Elko Klijn (2006): "Revisiting the Knowledge Transfer Process in International Strategic Alliances: The Role of Eloquent Capacity in Knowledge Acquisition", supervised by Hui Tan, Peter Buckley and Keith Glaister (External).
  • Dr Mohd Moktar Tahar (2006): "Industrial Market Structure and Competitiveness of the Malaysian Manufacturing Sector: A Study on the Impact of Open Regionalism", supervised by Nicolas Forsans and Malcolm Chapman.
  • Dr Vince Fitzsimmons (2006): "The impact of institutions on economic performance: with reference to the transition economies of Central and Eastern Europe", supervised by Rumy Husan (External).
  • Dr Chen Meng (2005): "The Evolutionary Entry Strategies of Foreign Banks in China", supervised by Peter J. Buckley.
2004 and earlier
  • Dr Mary Leung (2004): "Foreign Market Servicing Strategies of Services Industry in a Regulated Market: A Study of China's Telecommunications Services Market", supervised by Jeremy Clegg and Malcolm Chapman.
  • Dr Lung Tan Lu (2003): "The impact of cultural distance on the management style and performance of Japanese and Taiwanese joint ventures with local partnerships", supervised by Peter J Buckley and Malcolm Chapman.
  • Dr Simon Harris (2003): "National Values and Strategy formation by Business leaders", supervised by Peter J Buckley and Malcolm Chapman.
  • Dr Chen Shih Ming (2003): "Dimensions of international joint venture activity: The case of Taiwanese joint ventures in Mainland China", supervised by K W Glaister.
  • Dr Susan C. Scott-Green (2002): "Market Servicing Strategies of Multinational Banks in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland", supervised by Jeremy Clegg and Malcolm Chapman.
  • Dr Hanna Gajewska-De Mattos (2002): "Mergers and Acquisitions in Poland: A Comparison of General Management Perceptions from Poland, Germany, and the UK", supervised by Malcolm Chapman and Jeremy Clegg.