India and South Asia Business Centre


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James E. Lynch India and South Asia Business Centre (ISABC) was established in 2004 under the Strategic Research Infrastructure Fund (SRIF) II scheme.

The ISABC is a university-based institute focusing on the South Asia region. With its niche focus on South Asia, ISABC aims to promote and co-ordinate research on South Asian businesses as well as enhancing the profile of University of Leeds in the South Asia region.


ISABC undertakes inter and trans-disciplinary research in which expertise across disciplines are integrated together to forge new understanding and new ways of addressing critical sustainability and global grand challenges within the context of the South Asian region.

ISABC strives to translate research into practice and impact through the delivery of collaborative projects according to the “Triple Helix” stakeholders (academia, industry, and governmental institutions).


The centre focuses on the following major themes, which complements the Research and Innovation Strategy of Leeds University Business School and University of Leeds:

Theme 1: Sustainability and Grand Challenges in South Asia

  • Addressing sustainability issues in South Asian GVC
  • Integrating sustainability into the strategy of MNEs and SMEs in South Asia
  • Addressing Grand Challenges in South Asia e.g., gender diversity, migration, SDGs, healthcare.
  • Exploring the challenges of achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in South Asian region.

Theme 2: Global Value Chain and Foreign Director Investment in South Asia

  • Governance of GVC in South Asia
  • Country Alliance: Commonwealth Value Chain & South Asia
  • Inward and outward FDI into/from India & South Asia
  • International M&As involving South Asian firms

Theme 3: Internationalisation of SMEs and MNEs from South Asia

  • Internationalisation of SMEs from India & South Asia
  • The growth and performance of MNEs from India & South Asia
  • Managing foreign subsidiary in South Asia
  • South-South and South-west trade and investment

Welcome from the Director

It’s a privilege to welcome you to the JEL India & South Asia Business Centre (ISABC). The ISABC is a University of Leeds-based business centre that immerses its audience in the intellectual and cultural vibrancy of South Asia.  

ISABC's aim is to understand the South Asian region complexities and identify opportunities for growth and development. Our vision is to become the academic Institute of choice in the South Asia region for collaborations, partnerships, and implementation of cutting-edge research, offering a platform for students, scholars, and organisations to engage with the South Asian region.

If you are sharing our vision and you are interested in working together with us and contributing to our diverse and dynamic community, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Kind regards,

Professor Mohammad Faisal Ahammad

Director of JEL India & South Asia Business Centre (ISABC)

Professor of International Business & Management

CIBUL & International Business Department, Leeds University Business School



Dr Meng Song

Seminar Coordinator of ISABC

Assistant Professor in International Business

CIBUL & International Business Department, Leeds University Business School



ISABC gave me exposure and opportunity to interact with industry experts

Siddha Maloo, volunteer (MSc International Business 2016)

A portrait of Siddha Maloo on campus on graduation day