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Since its launch in 1995, CIBUL has pursued a research strategy based on teamwork and co-authorship, well suited to the multidisciplinary nature of its field. Drawing on the resources of the internationally renowned University of Leeds, one of the largest research-led institutes in the UK, and of Leeds University Business School, CIBUL is able to unite the leading experts in international business.

With its innovative and dedicated approach to this broad field of research, CIBUL, founded by the distinguished Professor Peter J Buckley, has achieved global recognition.

Working with public sector bodies

Working alongside major public-sector bodies and private companies, such as the European Union, European Space Agency and Nestlé, CIBUL focuses on a range of topics related to international business - from the global determinants and impact of foreign direct investments (FDI), to the internationalisation strategies of firms and countries.


FT Masters in Management 2018 

Specifically relating to MSc International Business, the programme entered into the rankings, Leeds is :

  • 12th in the UK and 79th globally
  • 84% of our surveyed alumni are employed at three months
  • 8th in the UK, 34th overall for career progress
  • 8th in the UK, 37th overall for our careers services in supporting recruitment

In the supplementary programmes tables, the School’s MSc International Business is 1st in the UK for the seventh year running, and 4th in the world, in the international business category. 

See the full league table.


Professor Peter Buckley was awarded the John H Dunning Prize for Lifetime Achievement by the UK and Ireland Chapter of the Academy of International Business at the 44th UK&I conference at the University of Reading on 6th April 2017.


Dr Hinrich Voss was invited to an exclusive partner lunch hosted during our much publicised Exporting is GREAT campaign. This was an invitation only lunch with key stakeholders across the Leeds City Region and took place at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel in Leeds, Tuesday 23rd February.

  • Dr Hinrich Voss has been chosen as an Outstanding Reviewer for International Journal of Emerging Markets in the Emerald Literati Network 2014 Awards for Excellence. The Editorial team were asked to select up to 2 reviewers to receive this award and Dr Voss was chosen as to recognize his significant contribution throughout 2013.
  • Dr Surender Munjal has been nominated to be one of the top five finalists for the AIB Buckley and Casson dissertation award.
  • Professor Timothy Devinney, Leadership Chair in International Business, has won a scholarly impact award for his paper Measuring Organizational Performance: Towards Methodological Best Practice.
  • Professor Timothy Devinney is one of the organizers and keynote speakers at the 6th International Conference on CSR in Berlin.
  • Professor Timothy Devinney was an International Fellow at BI-Norwegian Business School in February 2014, where he conducted seminars on publishing and a Phd Seminar on Philosophy of Science.
  • Professor Peter Buckley has been appointed a Fellow of the British Academy July 2014.
  • Professor Peter Buckley elected to a Fellowship of the Academy of Social Sciences (FAcSS) October 2014
  • Professor Mario Kafouros and co-authors have been awarded the First Class of the Ann Tse Kai Prize for International Trade Research. This has been awarded by the Chinese Association of International Trade Research for the attached JIBS paper on government involvement
  • Professor Mario Kafouros and co-authors at the EIBA Conference 2013 in Bremen were awarded the "International Business Review Best Published Paper" for the paper entitled "What drives outward FDI of Chinese firms? Testing the explanatory power of three theoretical frameworks", which appeared in 2012.
  • Professor Peter Buckley awarded OBE.
  • Professor Peter Buckley has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland.  
  • The University awards the Viipuri prize which Professor Buckley won in 2006. The degree will be awarded in June 2012.
  • 2010 Cheung Kong Scholar
    Professor Peter Buckley was awarded the Cheung Kong Scholar Chair Professor in the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), Beijing.
  • 2010 Sino British Fellowship Trust Award
    Jeremy Clegg and Hinrich Voss were awarded a certificate from the Sino British Fellowship Trust for their research project on "Greenhouse Gas Emision Reductions".
  • 2010 Academy of International Business UK (AIB) Ireland Palgrave Award
    Mario Kafouros, Jeremy Clegg and Peter Buckley won the Palgrave Award for the best competitive paper. "Exploiting Knowledge Externalities in the Global Economy: The Role of International Depth and Breadth".
  • 2010 Academy of International Business UK (AIB) Ireland Neil Hood and Stephen Young prize
    Daniella Fjellstrom a CIBUL PhD Student won the Neil Hood and Stephen Young prize for the most original new doctoral work.
  • The British Academy of Management (BAM) Best Paper Award in International Business
    Dr Mario Kafouros from CIBUL won for his paper "The Determinants of Innovation Performance in China" (co-author: Dr Chengqi Wang).
  • Professor Peter Buckley was awarded Academy of Management International Management Division, Booz Allen Hamilton Strategy and Business Eminent Scholar in Management Prize at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting Anaheim, California.
  • Andreas Moosdorf, a PhD student in CIBUL, was awarded by the Academy's International Management Division one of five Promissing Dissertation Proposal Awards at the Academy of Management 2008 meeting in Anaheim, California. Thesis title: "The determinants of international knowledge transfer effectiveness' Conceptual advances and empirical verification".
  • Andreas Moosdorf, a PhD student in CIBUL, won the first prize at the fourth PhD Students Consortium in International Business Administration at Texas A&M University. Thesis title: "An investigation of the impact of societal and organisational culture on knowledge transfer".
2007 and earlier
  • 2007 The European Academy of International Business (EIBA) Award for the Best Doctoral Thesis Proposal
    Nikolaos Papageorgiadis, CIBUL PhD student, was the (joint) winner for the Thesis entitled: "The Effect of International Intellectual Property Rights Protection and Enforcement on International Business : the Case of Licensing".
  • 2007 The Neil Hood and Stephen Young Prize for the Most Original New Work
    Yi Wang, CIBUL PhD Student, was awarded the prize for the Most Original New Work at the Doctoral Colloquium at the AIB UK & Ireland Annual Conference 2007. Thesis title: "FDI Spillovers in China: Regional Technological Spillovers and Local Competition".
  • 2007 First Prize at the Third Annual PhD Students Consortium in International Business Administration
    Nikolaos Papageorgiadis, CIBUL PhD student, was awarded first prize, hosted by the Texas A&M International University at Laredo in conjunction with the Tecnologico de Monterrey (ITESM) and the Graduate School of Business Administration and Leadership (EGADE), Mexico. The prize was awarded in recognition of the quality and potential of his doctoral research and for his presentation. Thesis title: "The design of an index to measure the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights".
    • 2006 Viipuri Prize for Strategic Management and Business Economics
      Professor Peter Buckley has been chosen as the third recipient of the Viipuri Prize in Strategic Management and Business Economics, for his "outstanding record in the field of international business research". The annual Viipuri Prize is awarded by the Lappeenranta University of Technology in Finland. Prof. Buckley received the award at a ceremony held there on September 7th 2006. The previous two Viipuri Prize awardees were David Teece from Berkeley University, USA and James March from Stanford University, USA.
    • 2004 Michael Z. Brooke Doctoral Prize
      Dr Chen Meng was awarded the Michael Z. Brooke prize at the Academy of International Business UK Chapter Conference 2004. Thesis title: "The Evolutionary Entry Strategies of Foreign Banks in China"
    • 2003 Gunnar Hedlund Award for best doctoral thesis
      Dr Simon Harris was awarded the Institute of International Business Dissertation Award in Memory of Gunnar Hedlund, Stockholm School of Economics. Thesis title: "National Values and Strategy Formation by Business Leaders".
Associated institutions
  • Business Confucius Institute at the University of Leeds (BCIUL)
    Founded by Peter Buckley, BCIUL aims to promote the understanding of Chinese culture and the teaching of Mandarin in the UK with particular focus to supporting the regional businesses that hope to invest in China.

  • Centre for Chinese Business and Development (CCBD) 
    Following a decade of growth, thanks to the successful pursuit of major funding, CIBUL has taken responsibility for CCBD, a joint venture between the Business School and the Department of East Asian Studies.

  • Centre for International Business Education and Research (CIBER)
    CIBUL is a member of the CIBER together with Yorkshire universities, funded by UKTI (Trade and Investment).

  • James E Lynch India and South Asia Business Centre (ISABC)
    The ISABC is a university based business centre focusing on the South Asia region, one of the first centre's of its type in the UK.

  • White Rose East Asia Centre (WREAC)
    WREAC is a partnership between the University of Leeds and the University of Sheffield to promote postgraduate training, research collaboration and knowledge exchange in the study of Japan, China and neighbouring regions. WREAC is funded by the Language based area studies initiative (AHRC/ESRC/HEFCE/SFC) with £4.5m funding (2006-2011).

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Research funding and teaching appointments

CIBUL's  expansion has been made possible in part by its record of securing ‘research only’ posts funded from outside Leeds University Business School.

Over the past five years, CIBUL has been awarded two Foundation for Management Education (FME) funded Research Officer posts, two University Research Fellowships as well as a further three-year research post, two three-year ESRC Management Research Fellowships and an ESRC Postdoctoral Research Fellowship.

In addition to these research posts, two teaching posts have been funded through competitive applications under Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) initiatives: a Lectureship in Business Development in Emerging Markets (Review of Former Soviet and East European Studies) and a Lectureship in Chinese (Review of Chinese Studies). 

Audio and visual resources
Conferences and seminars
  • Video: "Chinese Investment into the EU: What to make of it?"
    Professor Jeremy Clegg and Dr Hinrich Voss present at the IIEA joint seminar with ECRAN 2011.
  • Video: "Chinese Investment into the EU: What to make of it?"
    Chinese cross-border investments have surged since the mid-2000s. The European Union has benefitted very little from this development. Chinese investments in Europe account for a very small percentage of overall inward foreign direct investment in the EU. This is despite the efforts by EU member state investment promotion agencies to attract Chinese firms. Professor Jeremy Clegg, Dr. Hinrich Voss, Kerry Brown, Dr Liming Wang, and Professor Bernadette Andreosso-O'Callaghan discuss the determinants and consequences of this development at the Institute of International & European Affairs, Dublin (Ireland).
  • Video: "The Future of the Multinational Enterprise 30 Years Later"
    Professor Peter J. Buckley comments on "The Future of the Multinational Enterprise" book on the occasion of its 30th anniversary during a commemoratory session at the European International Business Academy (EIBA) Conference.
  • Gallery: Marjorie Lyles WREAC Seminar - Performance of Chinese Outward FDI
    Professor Majorie Lyles from Indiana University's Kelley School of Business gives a seminar at WREAC on 'The Performance of Chinese Outward FDI: Effects of past experience, learning capabilities and overall '.
  • Video: "Doing Business with China - Market Access and Investment"
    Professor Jeremy Clegg speaks at the EPP-ED Study Day on EU-China Relations at the European Parliament in Brussels.
  • Video: "The Global Factory: Production and Services in the New Global Economy".
    Professor Peter Buckley speaks at the international Seminar "Business Practice and Research Cooperation; Current Issues and Trends" at the Graduate School of Management, St Petersburg State University.
  • Video: "The Eminent Scholar Plenary Honoring Professor Ronald Dore"
    Professor Peter Buckley speaks at the Eminent Scholar Plenary Honoring Professor Ronald Dore during the Academy of International Business (AIB) World Meeting in Milan, 1 July 2008.
  • Video: "Teaching your Research"
    Peter Buckley outlines his philosophy on utilising research in teaching and provides examples of CIBUL’s research-led teaching.
Media appearances
  • Audio: BBC Asian Network:  "The resilience of Asian businesses during the recession."
    Dr Malcolm Chapman discusses the resilience of Asian businesses during the current recession and explains that this is because a lot of Asian businesses have are family firms not solely driven by profit for shareholders.
  • Video: CCTV 4News: "Dialogue" Foreign Investment in China.
    Professor Peter J. Buckley from Leeds University and Professor Wu Changqi from Peking University discuss foreign direct investment in China and what impact does it have on the economic and social realities of this country.
  • Audio: "You and Yours: Is foreign investment always good for the UK?"
    Britain is one of the most popular locations for foreign investment in the world. Will Hutton ('The Work Foundation'), Professor Peter Buckley (LUBS) and Dr. Aileen Allsop (Astra Zeneca) discuss the impact of inward foreign investment on the UK economy.
  • Video: Professor Peter Buckley's interview in the People's Daily in Beijing, 30th May 2011
    Professor Peter Buckley talks about the developments in UK and worldwide universities and their impact on Chinese students.
  • Audio: Professor Peter Buckley's interview in the People in the Know in Beijing, 12th August 2011
    Professor Peter Buckley talks about the developments Global Foreign Direct Investment. He is featured in the recording at 13:13 - 22:27.
  • Video: Dr Hinrich Voss's Interview with JSTV, August 2012
    Dr Hinrich Voss talks about Outward investment in China. 

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