International Study Tours

Giving you a true global perspective

MBA students on China study tour

As a student on the Leeds MBA, you can take part in a one or two week long international study tour. Typically we try and offer a variety of trips in any year to a European and/or American University. Please note these trips are optional but are not covered by the basic programme fees.

About the tour:

  • Choose from destinations including Germany, USA and Spain
  • Tours usually take place in June or July
  • Visit local companies and partner business schools
  • Enjoy business seminars and networking opportunities with local students, businesses and leaders
  • Tour cultural sites and local places of interest.

Benefits of a study tour:

  • Immerse yourself in another culture
  • Experience the challenges and opportunities facing organisations around the world
  • Extend your global awareness and enhance your international perspective as a manager.

Companies we've visited:

  • Lufthansa - Germany
  • Deutsche Bank - Germany
  • Bosch - Germany
  • PANATecs - Germany
  • Stahl - Germany
  • Xenios - Germany
  • Porsche - Germany
  • Bloomberg - Brazil
  • Petrobras - Brazil
  • Santos Brazil - Brazil
  • China-Britain Business Council -  China
  • Standard Chartered Bank - China
  • Lenovo - China

Study tour: Heilbronn, Germany 2016

In 2016 full-time MBA students visited the German Graduate School of Management and Law (GGS) alongside students from the USA, Thailand, Brazil and Germany. Each tour provides students with a unique opportunity to explore the daily operations of global organisations and contextualise the key management themes studied on the programme so far. 

Student groups came together to attend a series of taught seminars and on-site company visits in order to investigate the role of Mittelstand companies within German business culture.

They explored a wide variety of subjects such as Sales Excellence, Doing Business within Europe, Innovation Management and Human Resource Management. Students also gained valuable insight into the contemporary business landscape through company visits to Bosch, Kaffeehaus Hagen, Hirschmann and beyerdynamic and a guided tour of the Mercedes Benz Museum and vineyards.

Past study tours

Brazil study tour

An image from the international study tour to Brazil

Europe study tour

An image from the international study tour to Germany

China study tour

An image from the international study tour to China