The 21st Century quality challenges for top management

Research Overview

The research partnership: the research is a collaboration between Leeds University Business School, the Oakland Institute for Business Research and Education, and VALUENEER GmbH.

Project dates: January 2018 – December 2018

Reliability in quality, supply chain and procurement is a high priority issue for top managers in many companies.  Senior managers are finely balancing expectations from shareholders for outstanding financial performance with exacting customer requirements and operational issues. Those organisations that are performing well are moving away from old values and cultures to adopt fast-paced technological changes with modern management capabilities. 

This research aims to find out how top management across a range of industries are leading their organisations in meeting the challenge of reliability in quality, supply chain management and procurement.  The outcome of this research is to identify good practice that can help organisations to create the right culture and management capabilities to run their business well.

Research tasks

  • Conduct a global survey of top managers in large businesses to determine a benchmark of leadership in quality, supply-chain management and procurement practice
  • Undertake in-depth interviews with selected Chief Executives to validate good practice in quality, supply chain management and procurement
  • Conduct an organisational literature review to support key issues arising from the research survey and interviews
  • Disseminate the findings through key journals and other professional media channels

Benefits to participants

Participants who complete the survey will have an option to receive a tailored report that benchmarks their own business against other respondents. The report will be anonymous.

Organisational impact

Through the involvement of key stakeholders including top managers and chief executives, practices identified will be based on genuine business experiences, creating evidence-based rather than hypothetical solutions. Recommendations of good practice will be more acceptable when learning from the best through the involvement of top managers in the research. Sharing good practice will help create a learning culture within and between the professions of quality, supply chain and procurement, in turn leading to more globally competitive organisations.

Research Team

Professor Chee Yew Wong
Leeds University Business School

Dr Robert Oakland
Oakland Institute of Business, Research and Education

Katey Twyford
Research Associate, Oakland Institute of Business, Research and Education

Professor John Oakland
Oakland Institute of Business, Research and Education