Our research

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The Centre members conduct scholarly and rigorous research projects using a mixture of methods including theory construction, modelling, testing and developing of application-based tools.

If you would like to work with us please contact: Professor Chee Yew Wong (C.Y.Wong@leeds.ac.uk), Research Centre Lead or alternatively Associate Professor Gary Graham, (G.Graham@lubs.leeds.ac.uk), Deputy Research Centre Lead. 

Research streams

End-to-end supply chain integration

End-to-end supply chain integration among business networks in a local and global supply chain from perspectives such as information exchange, knowledge sharing, collaboration, collaborative innovation, buyer-supplier relationship and social network.

Key topics: Information exchange, knowledge sharing, supply chain integration, supply chain collaboration, international alliance, buyer-supplier relationship, supply network analysis, social network analysis.

Supply chain technology and innovation

The management of disruption technology and business model to enable product and process innovation, supply chain innovation, network innovation and smart cities.  

Key topics: Open and collaborative innovation, technology innovation, network innovation, social network innovation, supply chain innovation through the use of disruptive technologies such as internet, digitisation, information technology, 'internet of things', cloud computing, distributed manufacturing, industrial 4.0, 3D printing, Big Data, supply chain analytics, etc.

Supply chain resilience and sustainability

Theories, methods and practices required to improve the resiliency and sustainability of global supply chains, local communities and modern cities.

Key topics: Sustainable operations, green supply chain management, 'lean, green and profitable' supply chains, supply chain complexity, supply chain risk management, supply chain resilience, community resilience, city resilience. 

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Research collaboration networks

COSCR members have established long-term collaborations and relationships with supply chain companies and government agencies. This has been through the Supply Chain Council and other research institutions that specialise in logistics, operations and supply chains, as well as other disciplines.

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We collaborate with research institutions across the globe, including:

  • United Kingdom: Cranfield School of Management; Institute for Manufacturing, Cambridge University; Manchester Business School; York School of Management; Hull University Business School; Sheffield University Management School
  • Europe: University of Southern Denmark; Aalborg University; Mannheim Business School; Universidad Carlos III de Madrid; Wageningen University
  • North America: Michigan State University; Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Oregon State University
  • Latin America: Universidad de los Andes
  • Asia and Australia: Zhejiang University; Chongqing Jiaotong University; China Europe International Business School; Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Thammasat University; University of Science, Malaysia; RMIT University; Indian Institute of Management Lucknow; FORE School of Management (FSM), Bahauddin Zakariya University