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We contribute to various study programmes

The Centre for Operations and Supply Chain Research (COSCR) contributes to Undergraduate, Masters and MBA courses including:

We also supervise postgraduate researchers in the areas of logistics, operations and supply chain management.

PhD supervisors
  • Professor Chee Yew Wong (Centre director): Supply chain integration; supply chain collaboration; supply chain innovation; 3D printing; Big Data; sustainable supply chain; supply chain analytics; service operations and supply chain; global value chains.
  • Dr Ilias Vlahos: Supply chain management; food value chains; e-business; lean thinking; innovation adoption; economics of supply chains; sustainability.
  • Dr Nicky Shaw: Technology innovation; social network; network analysis; programme management.
  • Dr Gary Graham: Re-distributed manufacturing; 3D printing; Big Data; digital supply chain and economy; media and music supply chain; prototyping; technology innovation.
  • Dr Jie Chen: Global supply chains; collaborative innovation; risk and uncertainty; inter-firm relationships.
Developing an interesting research proposal

To develop a good PhD proposal, you may contact academic members of the centre or find out more about our current research projects. We currently focus on the following distinctive research streams. However, we will also welcome proposals which involve other topics related to operations and supply chain management, as well as other disciplines.

  • Supply chain management, strategy, integration and collaboration
  • Supply chain, technology, networks and collaborative innovation
  • Supply chain risk, resilience and sustainability
  • Food supply chain
  • Social networks and analysis
  • Digital supply chains and economy
  • Future cities and resilient community
  • Eco innovation and environmental management

For advice on how to write a good research proposal, visit our PhD web pages and read this blog post.



To make an informal enquiry about the PhD study topics email Professor Chee Yew Wong (

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