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Market, Business and Sustainability

Market, Business and Sustainability

A collection of selected reports that examine business sustainability, market sustainability and supply chain sustainability in a variety of contexts and using diverse methodologies. This reference work emphasises the profound impact of sustainability management on markets and business by Ilias P. Vlachos and George Malindretos.

Published 2015; Bentham e-Book.

ISBN 978-1-68108-025-3



Measuring Social Impact for Policies, Programmes and Projects

Measuring Social Impact for Policies, Programmes and Projects: Getting It Done

Social impact assessment is a means of creating a dialogue that seeks to help project organisers and funders to secure their intended outcomes... in terms of the (short and longer-term) effects that a particular project or programme has on improving the well-being of the various groups and societies involved. This book uses real-life case studies and worked examples to illustrate best practice in planning and executing a social impact assessment in a variety of project contexts; by Rory Dillon and Tom Burgess.

Published 2012; Institute of Productivity

ISBN: 978-0957272613

Intelligent Agrifood Chains and Networks

Intelligent Agrifood Chains and Networks

Offers a timely discussion of the current state of food logistics, and indicates the major ICT problems that can occur during production, warehousing, transportation and retailing. Emphasis is given to new technologies and intelligent systems that are able to process time-dependent information, handle emergencies, and support logistics operations in food management by Michael Bourlakis, Ilias Vlahos, Vasileios Zeimpekis (eds.).

Published 2011; Wiley.

ISBN 978-1405182997



Hybrid Algorithms for Service, Computing and Manufacturing Routing and Scheduling Solutions: A comprehensive guide on managing sustainable logistics, operations

Explore research development and applications from an interdisciplinary perspective that combines approaches from operations research, computer science, artificial intelligence, and applied computational mathematics, by Jairo R. Montoya-Torres, Angel A. Juan, Luisa Huaccho Huatuco, Javier Faulin, and Gloria L. Rodriguez-Verjan.

Published 2011; Permier Reference Source.

ISBN 798-1613500873



Wired World: Energizing Business for e-Commerce

Links together four crucial elements in understanding and developing e-Commerce: how and why the internet changes marketing; e-based marketing communication mix; how the internet changes supply chain interactions, and offers a marketing and internet-based 'tool-kit' to help negotiate and keep up-to-date with the changing world of e-Commerce, by Glenn Hardaker & Gary Graham.

Published: 2001; Wiley.

ISBN: 0471496456



Creative Destruction: Transformation in the Music Industry

This book takes you on a journey through the electronic music sub-genre with its high level of imagination, innovation and creativity. It presents one of the first detailed empirical studies on the impact of internet technologies on a specific sector of the music industry - electronic music. Drawing on more than 500 interviews conducted between 2001 and 2003 with multinational and independent music companies in 10 markets, strategies of the major players, current business models, future scenarios and regulatory responses to the online distribution of music files are identified and evaluated; by Gary Graham, Glenn Hardaker, Gerald J. Lewis and Mark Lewis.

Published 2004; Beyond Labels Press.

ISBN: 1905031009

Research Insights
Supply Chain Insights - Issue 1

Supply Chain Insights is a two-to-three page summary of lessons learnt from COSCR research about a range of contemporary issues related to logistics, operations and supply chain management. This publication provides frameworks, tools and recommendations from our research.

Logistics Collaboration: Understanding drivers, barriers and benefits

Based on three case studies and the exiting literature, this issue of Supply Chain Insights reveals some nuanced insights about factors that affect the success of logistics collaboration. The article explains how key drivers, challenges, barriers, success factors and benefits of logistics collaboration cane be addressed in a three-step collaboration framework.

Authors: Passaraporn Sawasdee and Professor Chee Yew Wong (January 2016)

Journal articles

We publish in high-quality academic journals for theoretical and practical advancement.


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We publish a range of reports and practical guides based on our research.

The Humber's Future Economic and Sustainable Development

A study of plastic recycling

A Study of Plastic Recycling Supply Chain

A report examining the supply chains behind the recycling of plastic waste by Professor Chee Yew Wong for a research project funded by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (UK). 

Published 2010; CILT.

ISBN 1-904564-36-4


Presentations and videos

Interview with Professor Chee Yew Wong on reducing cost of energy for Southern Denmark University's ReCoE research project

This interview with Professor Chee Yew Wong was conducted during the January 2013 kick-off meeting of ReCoE (Reducing Cost of Energy in Offshore Wind Sector Through Supply Chain Innovation) project. Chee is a member of the ReCoE project; he acts as an external expert from Leeds University Business School. In the interview Chee highlights the research novelty, UK perspective ambitions and further funding opportunities for the three-year ReCoE project. Watch the video here.

Global trade and global supply chains by Professor Tomas Hult, Board College of Business, Michigan State University

This presentation by Professor Tomas Hult was delivered during the official launch of the Centre for Operations and Supply Chain Research on 9th December 2013. Tomas is a Byington Endowed Chair and Professor of Marketing and International Business. He is a visiting professor at Leeds University Business School. Watch the video here.

Official launch of the Centre for Operations and Supply Chain Research: An invitation to collaborate with us, by Professor Chee Yew Wong

This presentation was delivered during the official launch of the Centre for Operations and Supply Chain Research on 9 December 2013. The focus was on demonstrating COSCR's research expertise and interest, and as a call for academics, practitioners and policy makers to collaborate with us to advance theories and practices in logistics, operations and supply chain. Watch the video here or view the PowerPoint slides.

"How Do Organisations Make Decisions: The Case of Manufacturing, Logistics and Supply Chain" - Professor Chee Yew Wong

The presentation was delivered at the plenary on "How do organisations make decisions: the case of manufacturing, logistics and supply chain" at the Research Day organised by the University of Leeds Institute for Transport Studies (ITS) on 15 April 2013. View slides from the presentation here.

We deliver speeches and presentations at academic seminars and practitioner conferences. Some of these are available to view below.