Dr Jie Chen, Leeds University Business School

Research: Buyer-supplier relationship and behaviour, cross-cultural studies, behavioural studies.

Dr Gary Graham, Leeds University Business School

Research: Digital supply chains, media and music supply chains, prototyping, technology innovation.

Professor Chee Yew Wong (Centre Director), Leeds University Business School

Research: Supply chain integration, collaboration, innovation, 3D printing, big data, supply chain analytics, sustainable supply chains, service operations and supply chains, global value chains.

Tom Burgess

Dr Tom F. Burgess

Research: Technology innovation, social network, network analysis, performance management, programme management.

Alison McKay

Professor Alison Mckay, School of Mechanical Engineering and the Socio Technical Centre

Research: Extended enterprise and manufacturing supply network, product data engineering, socio-technical systems thinking.

Dr Nicky Shaw, Leeds University Business School

Research: Technology innovation, social network, network analysis, programme management.

Anne Tallontire

Dr Anne Tallontire, Sustainable Research Institute

Research: Global value chains, sustainable supply chains, sustainable standards, fair trade, agriculture, food, Africa.

Nasia Nalmpanti

Athanasia (Nasia) Nalmpanti, Leeds University Business School

Research: Supply chain innovation, process innovation, knowledge management, ambidexterity.

Elcio Mendoca Tachizawa

Dr Elcio Mendoca Tachizawa, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Research: Sustainable supply chains, supply networks, reverse logistics, green innovation.

Jairo M Montoya Torres

Professor Jairo R. Montoya Torres, Universidad de los Andes, Columbia

Research: Operations and production scheduling. simulation, sustainable supply chain, vehicle routing. 

Luisa Huatuco

Dr Luisa Huatuco, York School of Management

Research: Supply chain resilience, complexity, sustainable supply chain, manufacturing future, operations research.

Savita Verma

Savita Verma, Leeds University Business School

Research: Employee engagement, sustainable supply chain management, green human resource management.

Kim Urbauer, Leeds University Business School

Research: Sustainable procurement, sustainable supply chains, building capabilities in a supply chain, circular economy