Dr Robert Perrett - BA, MA, PhD (Leeds)

Lecturer in Human Resource Management, Bradford University School of Management

Dr Robert Perrett

I gained my graduate degree in Economics and Social Policy at Leeds University Business School. After some time in the private sector, employed within economic research and executive head hunting, I undertook an Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) sponsored MA in Human Resource Management, with a focus on Industrial Relations and Research Methods, followed by Doctoral research looking at specific aspects of employment legislation and union recognition. I was then employed as a Research Fellow for three years working on various projects in the sphere of workplace learning, restructuring and union strategy.

I joined Bradford University School of Management in October 2004 as principal researcher on a number of core research projects with Prof. Miguel Mart├Čnez Lucio. I havepublished widely in the areas of: migration and employment; Black and Minority Ethnic communities - rights and representation at work; union renewal; absence management and related health and safety topics.

My primary research interests lie within employment, representation and social inclusion. Listed below are more specific areas of interest:

  • Employment rights and employee relations
  • Employment rights within migrant and BME communities
  • Communication through networks and community space
  • Lifelong learning and the apprenticeship system
  • The social and economic impacts of redundancy
  • Health and Safety and absence management
  • Union renewal, revitalization and community unionism
  • Employment relations within the airport sector
Key publications

Perrett, R. (2007). The statutory trade union recognition procedure in the UK: Assessing the Impact and Implications, VDM Publications, (ISBN: 978-3-8364-1527-9).

Perrett, R. (2007), Worker voice in the context of the re-regulation of employment: Employer tactics and statutory union recognition in the UK, Work Employment and Society, 21.4, (December).

Gardiner, J. Stuart, M. Forde, C. Greenwood, I. MacKenzie, R. Perrett, R. (2007). Work-life balance and older workers: employees' perspectives on retirement transitions following redundancy, International Journal of Human Resource Management. 18:3 (March) pp. 476-489.

MacKenzie, R, Stuart, M. Forde, C. Gardiner, J. Greenwood, I. Perrett, R. (2006). 'All that is Solid? Class, Identity and the Maintenance of a Collective Orientation amongst Redundant Steel Workers', Sociology. 40:5 (October) pp. 833-852.

Stuart, M and Perrett, R. (2006). Learning in a restructured industrial environment: Experiences of older workers in the UK steel sector, in Tikkanen (eds.), Older Workers and Lifelong Learning, European Centre for Vocational Education and Training (CEDEFOP), Brussels.

Mart├Čnez Lucio, M. and Perrett, R. (forthcoming 2008). Chapter title to be confirmed in (Eds), McBride, J. and Greenwood, I. Complexities of Community Unionism: A Comparative Analysis of Concepts and Contexts (Final title to be confirmed).


E-mail: R.Perrett@bradford.ac.uk
Telephone: +44 (0)1274 234367