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Parkinson tower at night

Presenters Danat Valizade (Leeds), Mark Stuart (Leeds) and Manhal Ali (Bournemouth) review international inequalities in the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on work and employment

Business school campus

presenters Simon Joyce and Mark Stuart (Leeds) talk about how new technology may be reshaping the world of work.

Exterior Charles Thackrah Building

Presentation and Q&A by Professor Ingolfur Blühdorn from the University for Economics and Business in Vienna

An external shot towards the business school and innovation centre at the University of Leeds

Professor James Faulconbridge (Lancaster) talks about about the changes the artificial intelligence will drive, and the implications for the future of work in the professions.

Maurice Keyworth building at the University of Leeds from the ground with a bright blue sky

Professors Ian Kirkpatrick and Daniel Muzio (York) introduce the notion of a linked ecology of organisations and explore its possible influence.

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