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A father is shown helping his son with homework.

Fathers can give their children an educational advantage at primary school by reading, drawing and playing with them, according to the report published today.

ProfessorJennifer Tomlinson

On 31 August, Professor Jennifer Tomlinson was featured in an article published by the New Civil Engineer about the gender pay gap in the construction industry.

Dr Jana Javornik

On 30 August Dr Jana Javornik was quoted in a Financial Times article titled ‘Long Covid and learning from past trauma’.

Lilith Brouwers with group for third parties report launch

On the 18 July, Centre for Employment Relations, Innovation and Change member Dr Lilith Brouwers launched their report on sex workers' experiences of work relationships with third parties in the UK.

Women sat in informal meeting in modern office

On 25 July, Professor Mark Stuart was quoted in an article discussing the pushback from companies against work-from-home set-ups.