Dr Kate Hardy - BA (Hons) Sheffield, MRes Liverpool, PhD Queen Mary, University of London

Associate Professor in Work and Employment Relations

My overarching research considers issues of gender, work, employment and collective organising from a Marxist-Feminist perspective. My ESRC funded doctoral work focused on the organising strategies of AMMAR, the Argentinean sex workers’ union. It used a collaborative approach to explore the experiences of collectively organising, examining the role of the state, connections with broader trade unions and the place of sex work in the wider political economy of Argentina.

In 2010-2011 I worked with Teela Sanders on the ESRC-funded project ‘The Regulatory Dance’ which examined the apparent expansion and mainstreaming of strip clubs in the UK high street. We found working conditions to be poor in strip clubs and argued that dancers tended to use dancing as part of wider future orientated career plans. This project had wide ranging impact and became an impact case study. For more information: http://www.researchcatalogue.esrc.ac.uk/grants/RES-000-22-3163/read

In 2015, I was the Co-PI on a Feminist Review Trust funded study ‘The Beginning of the End of the Housing Crisis: participatory action research with Focus E15 in East London’. Focus E15 is a housing campaign in east London led by young working class women from the borough of Newham. Using questionnaires and interviews, this research project sought to gather information that will enable activists to better resist the removal of individuals and families from the borough and to demand the right to decent housing for all. Each week many Newham residents visit the campaign stall and tell activists the stories of their struggles to be housed and remain in Newham. This project enabled the activists to capture these stories and generate an evidence base to contest displacement. The launch of this report will take place in November 2016. 

My research interests include issues surrounding sex work; the body and work; disability; gender and work; black, informal and underground economies; paid and unpaid work and labour; theorising work and labour; labour organising and social movements.; trade union organizing; women's movements; disability; agency and resistance. I additionally have interests in other forms of struggle, including feminist and housing movements. 


PhD supervision

I am interested in supervising doctoral students with interests in any of the above.

Key publications

Cruz, K, Hardy, K. and Sanders, T. (2016) ‘False Self-Employment, Autonomy and Regulating for Decent Work: Improving Working Conditions in the UK Stripping Industry. British Journal of Industrial Relations. DOI: 10.1111/bjir.12201 

Randle, K. and Hardy, K (2016) ‘Macho, mobile and resilient? How workers with impairments are doubly disabled in project-based film and television work’ Work, Employment and Society DOI: 10.1177/0950017016643482

Hardy, K. (2016) ‘Uneven Divestment of the State: Social Reproduction and Sex Work in Neo-developmentalist Argentina’ Globalizations, DOI: 10.1080/14747731.2016.1163882 

Hardy, K. and Sanders, T. (2015) ‘The political economy of ‘lap dancing’: contested careers and women’s work in the stripping industry’ Work, Employment and Society. 29(1): 119-136.

Sanders, T. and Hardy, K. (2012) ‘Devalued, Deskilled and Diversified: Explaining the Proliferation of Lap Dancing in the UK’, British Journal of Sociology 63(3): 513-532.

Sanders, T. and Hardy, K. (2014) Flexible workers: labour, mobility and regulation in the lap dancing industry (Routledge, London).

Contact and CV

Email: k.r.hardy@leeds.ac.uk 

Curriculum Vitae