Dr Jana Javornik

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Dr Jana Javornik

In 2013, I was appointed a Research Fellow to the University of Leeds through its Building Sustainable Societies Transformational Fund. This programme launched a new multidisciplinary research agenda on Social Sustainability, providing opportunities to contribute new knowledge and evidence around the major challenges facing contemporary societies. Previously, I was a Welfare Studies Fellow at Umeå University in Sweden, and am currently associated with the Centre for International Research on Care, Labour and Equalities (Sheffield); Work Futures Centre (Southampton); Human Ecology (Alberta); Research Centre for Strategy and Governance (Ljubljana); Central European Labour Studies Institute (Slovakia); University of Iceland.

Prior to joining academia I spent 13 rewarding years as a policy adviser to central governments and international policy-making communities (EC, WB, ILO, UNDP). Among others, I was an editor of the UNDP Slovenian Human Development Reports and Stability Pact Gender Task Force Project Manager for the Balkans, having developed programmes on reconstruction and development under the auspices of Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe. I helped set up a Gender Task Force and a CEE Network for Gender Issues, comprising gender organisations from Eastern Europe and the CiS, North Africa and the Middle East, now serving as an advisor to their International Board.

I hold a PhD in Social Policy from the University of Southampton (2010); two Master degrees (MPhil in Sociology from U. Ljubljana and a joint MSc in Social Policy from the Universities of Roskilde/Maynooth/Pavia); and a BA in Sociology from U. Ljubljana. A combination of disciplinary interests has shaped my policy and research portfolio, allowing me to work flexibly across disciplinary and country boundaries. My work broadly contributes to comparative welfare state research, with particular emphasis on the political and social economy of the welfare state change and the politics of social policy; childcare, parental employment and work-family-care interdependencies over the life course; labour market and gender opportunity gaps; demographic changes and policy implications; global social policy; theoretical and methodological frameworks for comparative policy analysis, indicator development and data visualisation techniques.

My work has attracted commissions from high level organisations including the European Commision (Social Situation in the EU 2004 and 2005/6; the Economic and Budgetary Projections for the EU27 Member States 2010-2060); British, Slovenian, Scottish and Icelandic Governments and the Economist Intelligence Unit (policy dashboard for the Arab states). As a registered expert policy adviser I have recently advised the Scottish, Icelandic and Slovenian Governments’ inquiries into family policy and the UK 2015 Futures Programme. My research has appeared in the Economist, Forbes, the Guardian, BBC, The Conversation.

I am currently an Associate Editor of the Journal of Family Studies and Družboslovne razprave (Journal of the Slovenian Sociological Association), and frequently review for high impact journals, book publishers and funding bodies.

Selected publications

Javornik, J. (in press)  ‘Maternal Employment in Postsocialist Countries: Understanding the Implications of Childcare Policies,’ In: Höfacker, D., Roosalu, T. (Eds). How Gender Works? Testing Established Theories in Post-Socialist Labour Markets, Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan. 

Javornik, J.2015. ‘Is it becoming easier to be a working mother?’ World Economic Forum, https://goo.gl/YPxzaD

Javornik, J., J. Ingold. 2015. ‘A childcare system fit for the future?’ In: Foster, L., Brunton, A., Deeming, C. and T. Haux (Eds): In Defence of Welfare 2, Bristol: Policy Press, p. 75-8. http://goo.gl/WOYGEB 

Ingold, J., Javornik, J. 2015. Focusing free childcare on ‘working parents’ is short-sighted, The Conversation, 22 July https://goo.gl/eV6EQd   

Javornik, J. 2015. Gender Initiatives: Case studies of organisational interventions to improve women’s position in the workplace. Report commissioned by UK Commission for Employment and Skills. 

Javornik, J. 2014. ‘Measuring state de-familialism: Contesting post-socialist exceptionalism,’ Journal of European Social Policy, 24(3): 240-257. 

Grönlund, A., Javornik, J. 2014. 'Great expectations. Dual-earner policies and the management of work–family conflict: the examples of Sweden and Slovenia,' Families, Relationships and Societies, 3(1): 51-65. 

Javornik, J. 2014. 'L’adieu au modèle de l’homme soutien de famille. Le present postsocialiste à la lumière du passé socialiste,' Politiques sociales et familiales, Dossier Genre, famille et État en Europe centrale et orientale, 115: 11-24. 

Javornik, J., Green, A. 2014. ‘Work-family policies in leading countries’, Background Analysis for The Economist (Group for Europe, Africa and the Middle East).

Javornik, J. 2014. Why UK should follow Nordics lead on universal childcare, The 
Conversation, 29 Sep. https://goo.gl/7E2trw 

Javornik, J. 2014. Employers aren’t ready for shared parental leave, The Conversation, 26 Aug. https://goo.gl/qiOFws 

Javornik, J. 2014. Shared parental leavei s a nice idea – but will it actually work? The Conversation, 23 July. https://goo.gl/J1vtwA 

Javornik, J. 2013. ‘State socialism: Dismantling the male-breadwinner family model in Central and Eastern Europe?’ Umeå University Welfare Studies Working Paper 14/2012: http://goo.gl/eBWwu

Contact and CV

Email: j.javornik@leeds.ac.uk 

Twitter: @JanaSvenska

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