Dr Ioulia Bessa

Research Fellow, part of the Low Pay Commission project

I joined Leeds University Business School in May 2012, after completing my PhD at Cass Business School, City University of London. Prior to that, I obtained an Mphil from University of Cambridge, a Master’s Degree from New York University. I had received my graduate degree in Panteion University of Athens, Greece.

Throughout my PhD I worked on the area of Flexible Work Arrangements (FWAs). In particular, I examined FWAs under two theoretical aspects: First, the institutional aspect, concentrating on social and institutional factors that may impact on FWAs use and offering. Second, I followed a labour economics perspective, using dual labor market theory to examine the job quality of FWAs. Furthermore, for one year (during my PhD), I conducted a survey, collecting data on FWAs in Greece from both employers and employees. I have been mainly working using quantitative methods, but I am highly interested and have collected during my research qualitative data.

Following the area of job quality, I am currently working with Professor Mark Stuart, Professor Chris Forde and Dr. Sian Moore on the Low Pay Commission project, where we are examining the job quality of domiciliary workers in the UK. The projects explore the quality of care workers occupation in various regions in the UK and cover all sectors. The project includes both qualitative and qualitative methods of analysis.

I am very interested in the area of alternative form of employment, as well as on how these are related to job quality in various countries across Europe and worldwide. Another area of high interest is youth employment and its evolution over the years. I am particularly interested in examining all these phenomena in a comparative analysis across various countries (e.g. South versus North employment models), as well as using longitudinal datasets in order to examine how these issues evolve and potentially institutionally change over the last decades. 


E-mail: I.Bessa@leeds.ac.uk

Location: B0.4, 31 Lyddon Terrace (Leeds University Business School)