Dr Ian Greer - BSc (Bard College), MSc, PhD. (Cornell)

Professor of Comparative Industrial Relations at Greenwich Business School

Dr Ian Greer

My focus is on teaching and research leadership in industrial relations, labor market policy, and human resource management. 

My PhD and postdoctoral research were focused on union strategy, mainly local coalition building, labor transnationalism, and the effects of institutional change.  I conducted hundreds of qualitative interviews in the US, UK, and Germany and organized a survey of 425 US and German local trade unionists. 

This work raised several issues that I am pursuing more systematically in my current study of welfare-to-work services.  In 2007-8 I conducted 150 interviews in the UK and Germany, mainly Leeds and Cologne, with policymakers, managers, trade unionists, front-line workers, and unemployed people who have passed through the programmes.  My goal is to find out how the market mechanisms that governments use to manage provision affect the working conditions of front-line staff and how these changes in working conditions affect their unemployed 'clients'. 

While my home field is employment relations, both strands of research have brought me into conversation with academics in sociology, social policy, and comparative political economy.

Selected publications

Greer, I., Z. Ciupijus, and N. Lillie. 'Organizing Migrants in the Enlarged EU: A Case Study of the European Migrant Workers Union.'  CERIC Working Paper 13. 2011.

Greer, I., M. Stuart, and I. Greenwood. 'The System versus the Street: Employment and Contracting in the International Welfare-to-Work Industry.'  CERIC Working Paper 12. 2011.

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Greer, I. and M. Hauptmeier. 'Between local interests and international solidarity: Negotiating restructuring at General Motors Europe.'  CERIC Working Paper 7.  2009.

Greer, I. 'Organized industrial relations in the information economy: The German automotive sector as a test case.'  New Technology, Work and Employment. 23:3. November 2008.  Pp. 181-196.      

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Greer, I. and L.J. Fleron 'Social partnership in the U.S.A.?  The development coalition in Buffalo, New York.'  International Journal of Action Research. 1:2. 2005.  Pp. 319-342.

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