Dr George Gonos - PhD (Rutgers)

Associate Professor of Sociology and Employment Relations, State University of New York at Potsdam

I completed my Doctorate in Sociology at Rutgers University (New Brunswick, New Jersey) in 1994. My primary research focuses on the legal and political dimensions of the growth of atypical or precarious employment, particularly temp agency work; new forms of labor market segmentation; and emerging forms of labor organization. This research is widely cited in academic journals, government reports, and law reviews.

Other teaching and research interests include grass-roots organization development, labor and employment law, and sociological theory. I am a member of the American Sociological Association’s Section on Labor and Labor Movements, and the Society for the Study of Social Problem’s Labor Studies Division, and serve on the Editorial Advisory Board for the journal WorkingUSA.

For 15 years prior to completion of my Doctorate, I worked with community-based labor organizations, and I continue to advise community-based groups on a pro bono basis. I am also active in trade union affairs with United University Professions/American Federation of Teachers Local 2190. 

Selected Publications

“Regulating the Employment Sharks: Reconceptualizing the Legal Status of the Commercial Temp Agency” (with Harris Freeman), WorkingUSA: The Journal of Labor and Society 8:3 (March 2005), pp. 293-314.“Fee Splitting Revisited: Concealing Surplus Value in the Temporary Employment Relationship,” Politics & Society 29:4 (2001), pp. 589-612.“Never a Fee! The Miracle of the Postmodern Temporary Help and Staffing Agency” WorkingUSA: The Journal of Labor and Society 4:3 (Winter 2000-01), pp. 9-36.“The Contest Over ‘Employer' Status in the Postwar United States: The Case of Temporary Help Firms,” Law & Society Review 31:1 (1997), pp. 81-110.“The Interaction Between Market Incentives and Government Actions,” in K. Barker and K. Christensen (eds.), Contingent Work: American Employment Relations in Transition,  (Cornell University Press, 1998), pp. 170-191.

Contact and CV

E-mail: gonosgc@potsdam.edu 
Telephone: 315-267-4805