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Yanto Chandra

Visiting Research Fellow

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Ph.D., University of New South Wales, Australia
M.Com, University of New South Wales, Australia

Yanto Chandra is Assistant Professor at the Department of Public Policy, with joint appointment with the Department of Management, at the City University of Hong Kong. Chandra’s research focuses on social entrepreneurship, social finance, entrepreneurship, and research methods to study the behavior and language of entrepreneurial actors. His work combines techniques from quantitative text analysis, computational linguistics, semantic network analysis, and text mining.

Chandra won the Outstanding Paper Award Winner at the Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2010. He serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of International Marketing and the Journal of Data Mining and Digital Humanities. His work has been published or forthcoming in Asia Pacific Journal of Management, Journal of International Marketing, Journal of World Business, Technovation, and International Marketing Review, among others.

Prior to his appointment at the City University of Hong Kong, Chandra held appointments as Assistant Professor in the Marketing & Strategy Department at the University of Leeds (United Kingdom) and University of Amsterdam (Netherlands). Prior to this, he was Decision Analytics Manager at the HSBC Asia Pacific Consumer Credit Risk in Hong Kong, and consultant at Ernst & Young and Lowe Worldwide in South East Asia.


Yanto Chandra is Assistant Professor at the Department of Public Policy (since January 2013) at the City University of Hong Kong (CityU). Dr. Chandra conducts research on policy, politics and management of social innovation, non-profit organizations, social finance, and poverty alleviation. Current research involves the study on the mechanisms of performance in social enterprises, and the management practices of Chinese social enterprises. His new research program examines the interface of social work and social enterprise as a new and innovative solution to societal problems.

His articles have been published in VOLUNTAS, Social Enterprise Journal, Journal of Social Entrepreneurship, PLosOne, Journal of International Business Studies, and Journal of World Business, among others. He is also the editor of ‘Social Entrepreneurship in the Greater China Region: Policy and Cases’, which is the first official book on the topic. Among other awards, Dr. Chandra was the recipient of Outstanding Paper Award 2010 by Emerald Publisher and the Winner of the CityU Teaching Excellence Award 2016. He serves on the Editorial Board of Journal of Social Entrepreneurship, Social Enterprise Journal, Journal of International Marketing, and Journal of Data Mining & Digital Humanities.

Prior to joining CityU, Chandra was Assistant Professor in the Marketing & Strategy Departments at the University of Amsterdam (Netherlands; with Tenure) and later at the University of Leeds (United Kingdom). Prior to these, he spent nearly 7 years in the corporate world, including as Decision Analytics Manager at the HSBC Asia Pacific Consumer Credit Risk in Hong Kong, and consultant at Ernst & Young, Ruder Finn Asia, Taylor Nelson Sofres and Lowe Worldwide in Singapore and Jakarta.


Research Areas

Social Entrepreneurship
Social Psychology of Language
Quantitative Text Analysis

Research Grant

PI: "An Experimental Study of Entrepreneurial Decision Making", Leeds University SeedCorn Grant - University of Leeds , Amount: GBP 2000 (2012-2013) , Yanto Chandra, Josko Brakus

PI: "Investigation of determinants of opportunity recognition among born global firms", Faculty Research Grant - University of New South Wales , Amount: AUD 16000 (2004-2005) , Yanto Chandra, Chris Style


Teaching Areas

Social Entrepreneurship
Service Leadership
Contemporary Business Communication


Selected Journal Papers

Chandra, Y., & Shang, L. Unpacking the Biographical Antecedents of the Emergence of Social Enterprises: A Narrative Perspective. VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations (forthcoming)

Chandra, Y. (2017). A Time-Based Process Model of International Entrepreneurial Opportunity Evaluation. Journal of International Business Studies (forthcoming).

Chandra, Y (2018). Social Enterprise for the Visually Impaired: Voices from Within. International Journal of Disability and Human Development (forthcoming).

Chandra, Y., & Shang, L. (2017). An RQDA-based Constructivist Methodology for Qualitative Research. Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal, 20(1): 90-112.

Chandra, Y. (2017). Social Entrepreneurship as Institutional-Change Work: A Corpus Linguistics Analysis. Journal of Social Entrepreneurship (forthcoming)

Chandra, Y. (2016). A rhetoric-orientation view of social entrepreneurship", Social Enterprise Journal, 12 (2),161 – 200.

Chandra Y, Jiang LC, Wang C-J. (2016). Mining Social Entrepreneurship Strategies Using Topic Modeling. PLoS ONE 11(3): e0151342.

Chandra, Y., Styles, C., & Wilkinson, I. Opportunity portfolio: Moving beyond single-opportunity explanations in international entrepreneurship research. Asia Pacific Journal of Management. Accepted and Forthcoming.

Yang, S-S.J., and Chandra, Y. (2013), "Growing artificial entrepreneurs: advancing entrepreneurship research using agent-based simulation approach", International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research, 19, 2, 210-237.

Leenders, M.A.A.M., and Chandra, Y. (2013). (2013), "Antecedents and consequences of green innovation in the wine industry: the role of channel structure", Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, 25, 2, 203-218.

Chandra, Y., and Leenders, M. (2012), "User innovation and entrepreneurship in the virtual world: a study of Second Life residents", Technovation, 32, 7-8, 464-476.

Chandra, Y., Styles, C. and Wilkinson, I. (2012), "An opportunity based view (OBV) of rapid internationalization", Journal of International Marketing, 20, 1, 74-102.

Chandra, Y. and Coviello, N. (2010), "Broadening the concept of international entrepreneurship: Consumers as international entrepreneurs", Journal of World Business, 45, 3, 228 – 236.

Chandra, Y., Styles, C. and Wilkinson, I. (2009), "The recognition of first time international entrepreneurial opportunities: Evidence from firms in knowledge-based industries", International Marketing Review, 26, 1, 30-61.

Yang, S. S-J., Yang, F-C., Wang, K-J., Chandra, Y., (2009). Optimizing resource portfolio planning for capital-intensive industries under process-technology progress”, International Journal of Production Research, 47(10): 2625 – 2648.

Selected conference papers

Chandra, Y (2014), "Toward a Meta-Linguistic Model of Social Entrepreneurship: Insights from Computational Linguistics", presented at Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Academy of Management, Philadelphia, US.

Yang, S.-J. S., Chandra, Y., Li, T.-F. When things go very wrong: The virtue of balanced strategies for coalition recovery performance. Strategic Management Society Annual International Conference, October 2012, Prague.

Chandra, Y., Styles, C., Wilkinson, I.F., (2009). Effectual and causal logic in international venturing: evidence from serial and novice international entrepreneurs.  Academy of International Business Annual Meeting, San Diego.

Yang, S.-J.S., Chandra, Y., (2009). Agent based simulation in entrepreneurship research.  Academy of Management Meeting, Chicago.

Chandra, Y., Coviello, N.E., (2008). Democratizing entrepreneurship: toward a theory of consumers as international entrepreneurs.  Academy of International Business 50th Anniversary Annual Meeting, Milan

Books and Book Chapters

Chandra, Y., & Wong, L (2016), "Social Entrepreneurship in the Greater China: Policy and Cases", Routledge, United Kingdom.

Wong, L., & Chandra, Y. (2015), "Service leadership education embedded in a social innovation and entrepreneurship framework", D.T.L. Shek & P. Chung (Eds.). Promoting Service Leadership Qualities in University Students, Quality of Life in Asia 6", Springer, Singapore.

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