Witawat Jainontee

Postgraduate Researcher

Postgraduate Researchers, Management


Bachelor degree : Industrial Engineering, Srinakarinwirot University Thailand

Master degree : Logistics and Supply Chain Management, University of Brighton, U.K.

Prizes/ Awards:

Scholarship - Department of Industrial Promotion, Ministry of Industry Thailand


I work directly with entrepreneurs in small and medium enterprises (SME) in Thailand. My job is related to consultants and giving suggestions for solving problems and finding the best solutions in their businesses. SME is the significant section of Thai economy. Currently, Thai SME has adequate potential and capability to compete with other competitors internally and internationally. I am exploring an innovation to apply for improving their businesses. This will help them to expand their businesses globally and gain more benefits.


Thesis Title

Applying Innovation to Improve Small and Medium Enterprises


Dr Gary Graham

Dr Lihong Zhang 


Innovation, Business; SME; Small and Medium Enterprise; Improvement.

Thesis Synopsis

The research aims to explain the overall of current Thai small and medium enterprise (SME) circumstance. It will show the attitude of entrepreneurs, managers or employees in SME environment. Moreover, it will investigate the preparation of the economic growth by applying innovations in their businesses. The research will provide how to apply innovations for SME as well as the useful tools and techniques include optimised solution to solve the problems. This aims to propose some ideas to develop Thai SME and entrepreneurs particularly to compete other competitors internally and internationally with increased and efficient competitiveness.

The research will investigate and focus on Thai small and medium enterprises particularly agricultural products transformation and related businesses. The other connected areas, such as, logistics or its supply chains, will be considered for examination. Currently, Thai SME has adequate potential and high performance plus good chance to expand the business to Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries within free trade zone in ASEAN Economic community (AEC) which has already started in January 2016. Furthermore, Thailand has sufficient ability includes resources plentifully and good of labour skills to enlarge and enhance businesses. These can help Thai SME to transform and perform to be an international organisation which can compete with other competitors globally in the future.

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