Tyrone Pitsis

Tyrone Pitsis

Pro-Dean - International
Professor of Strategy and Organization Studies - Management Division

+44 (0)113 343 0604
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G.31 Charles Thackrah

PhD (Management), University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

B.Social Science (Hons) Psychology, University of New South Wales, Australia

Tyrone S. Pitsis is Professor of Strategy and Organization Studies at Leeds University Business School, and the Pro-Dean (International).  Before joining LUBS in 2015 he was a Reader in Strategy and Design at Newcastle University, UK.  He moved to the UK in 2011 from Australia where he was Associate Professor in Organizational Behaviour in the Business School at the University of Technology, Sydney.  Tyrone is currently visiting Professor in Faculty of Engineering and IT at The University of Sydney, and an honorary Professor in the Business School at The University of Technology, Sydney. 

Tyrone’s main research focus is on strategic thinking in projects of transformation (be it at an individual, organizational, or social level).   His work is multi-disciplinary and he does collaborative research with people from Law, Engineering and Medicine from some of the leading universities from around the world.  He has been awarded close to 1.5 million pounds worth of competitive research grants from the Australian Research Council and the EU on project strategy and governance.  Most recently his work focuses on the role of design thinking (DT) on innovation in collaborative contexts and how DT can enhance the impact of technology on society.  He is currently a guest editor of a special issue on this very topic for the California Management Review.

Tyrone is a reviewer and publishes in leading academic journals including in many of the Financial Times Top 45: Organization Science, Organization Studies, Journal of Business Ethics, and in several other leading journals such as Journal of Management Inquiry, Business History, Management Learning and International Journal of Project Management amongst others.  He is a co-author of the recent Making Sense of and Measuring Impact Report of the Practice Theme Committee of the Academy of Management (2017).  The first report focusing on the perceptions of AOM members about what constitutes impact of management research.  He is a founding editor in chief of a new Sage/IACCM journal called the Journal of Strategic Contracting and Negotiation. He has been a contributing author for the OECD report on Innovation Strategy, and his most recent book is the Handbook of Organizational and Managerial Innovation (Edward Elgar).  

In 2015 Tyrone was a member of the Oxford University’s Expert Panel on Benefits Realisation of Healthcare ICT in the NHS.  He is also currently helping the NHS on setting strategic research goals. 

Tyrone teaches strategy, change design and implementation, and uses design thinking and possibility thinking as a method for teaching students in MBA, EMBA and Executive programmes.  He is consistently ranked one of the top lecturers in MBA and Executive MBA, as well as executive education programmes in the UK and Australia (UTS and Sydney University).  He is a co-author of one of Sage’s leading text books, Management and Organization written with his colleagues Stewart Clegg, Martin Kornberger and Matthew Mount (5th edition due in mid 2019). 

Tyrone also works with governments, and leading private and non-for-profit organizations to help them design long term strategic responses to ‘wicked’ problems using design thinking.  He has worked with and continues to work with several organizations in the financial services, technology, engineering and defence industries. These include but are not limited to Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Konne, Newcastle International, The Royal Australian Air Force, Reserve Bank of Australia, Reserve Bank of India, Sevcon and TNT. 

He was formerly the Chair of the Practice Theme Committee of the Academy of Management (AOM). He is now the academic advisor to the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM), a member of the Strategic Management Society, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts since 2013. 

He has supervised several PhD students to completion and was also the former Chair of the Academy of Management’s New Doctoral Student Consortium where he was responsible for designing cutting edge doctoral student development programmes, and growing the international reach and attendance to the NDSC.

Prospective PhD applicants interested in the research areas outlined above, please contact Professor Pitsis at T.Pitsis@leeds.ac.uk.


My research focuses on how imagination or ideas drive strategy in organizations, particularly in collaborative projects. 

I am currently working on a number of projects:

1.      On building resilient and enterprising cities with Gateshead Council.

2.      On collaborative approaches for promoting creativity and enterprise thinking in young people

3.      On innovation practices in mega-projects

4.      How to best bind relationships within and between organizations to promote innovation


-        Strategic Management

-        Organisational change

-        Research Methods

-        I also teach custom programmes on strategy and design thinking  for executives


Professor of Strategy and Organization Studies

Member of the Leeds University Business School’ s Faculty Research and Innovation Committee

Editor in Chief, Journal of Strategic Contracting and Negotiation.

External Assessor for MSc Programmes at Lancaster University.

Subject Group Leader, Strategy & Organisation, Management Division. 

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