Timothy Devinney

Professor Timothy Devinney

Leadership Chair in International Business

0113 (0) 343 2245
Academic, Centre for International Business at the University of Leeds (CIBUL), International Business
Room G.01, 14-20 Cromer Terrace


Ph.D. (Business Economics), University of Chicago, 1984.
M.B.A. (Economics and Statistics), University of Chicago, 1981
M.A. (Public Policy Studies), University of Chicago, 1979
B.Sc. (Psychology), with highest honors, Carnegie-Mellon University, 1977


Timothy Devinney is the University Leadership Chair in International Business. Prior to that he was a University Professor of Strategy at the University of Technology-Sydney, Professorial Research Fellow at the Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM), Director of the AGSM Centre for Corporate Change and the AGSM Executive MBA.   Before joining the AGSM he held positions on the faculties of The University of Chicago, Vanderbilt University and UCLA and has been a visiting faculty member at numerous universities in Europe (Copenhagen Business School, Humboldt University-Berlin, Wirschaftsuniversität Wien, and the Universities of Hamburg, Trier, Konstanz, Ulm & Frankfurt) and Asia (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology & City University, Hong Kong) and taught at many others (e.g., CEIBS, Helsinki University of Technology & Helsinki School of Economics).  

He has published more than a dozen books -- e.g., Managing the Global Corporation (with J. de la Torré and Y. Doz, 2000) and The Myth of the Ethical Consumer (with P. Auger and G. Eckhardt) -- and more than one hundred articles in leading journals including Management Science, the J. of Business, The Academy of Management Review, J. of International Business Studies, Organization Science, California Management Review, Management International Review, J. of Marketing, J. of Management, Long Range Planning, J. of Business Ethics and the Strategic Management Journal.  

He has presented papers and addresses at more than 200 universities and conferences in the last ten years.  In 2008 he was the first recipient in management of an Alexander von Humboldt Research Award (Forschungspreis) given by the German government and was Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Fellow.  In 2008 he was elected a Fellow of the Academy of International Business and a Fellow of the Australia-New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM). He is an International Fellow under the auspices of the AIM Initiative in the UK, which gave him a Professorship at London Business School.  In 2015 he was elected a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences.

Timothy is heavily involved in the international networks of scholars. He was co-editor of The Academy of Management Perspectives (until 2015), co-editor of the Advances in International Management series (Emerald Publishers) (until 2017), and the Director of the International Business & Management Network of SSRN (continuing).  He served as Chair of the International Management Division of the Academy of Management and chair of the Global Strategy IG of the Strategic Management Society.  He was a member of the Executive of ANZAM.  He ran the 2001 Academy of International Business Conference in Sydney.  He is on the editorial board of more than 12 of the leading international journals.  His work has been recognized by dozens of various prizes.  In 2018 the Academy of Management recognized the practical impact of his research in awarding him its Practice Impact Award.

His research has been supported by various funding councils including, Australia Research Council, where he has been awarded over $11,000,000 in funding. His research, teaching and public service has been recognised in a number of ways, with numerous best paper and teaching awards. He is a frequent commentator on public events and social issues in the press and various media.


Professor (Conjoint), Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Macquarie University, 2014–Present

Professor (Conjoint), Faculty of Medicine, University of New South Wales, July 2009–2013

University Professor of Strategy, School of Business, University of Technology Sydney, 2009 (June) – 2013 (August)

Visiting Professor, Humboldt Universität−Berlin, August 2007–August 2013

Senior Research Fellow, Ernst & Young Institute for Emerging Market Studies (Moscow, Beijing), 2009–2017

Professor of Management, Australian Graduate School of Management (now Australian School of Business), University of New South Wales, 1993–2009 (June).  Director Executive MBA Program, 1993–1996 (equivalent to Associate Dean). Director Centre for Corporate Change, 1999–2006. AGSM Professorial Research Fellow, 2006–2009. (Equivalent to an endowed chair and given for outstanding research performance)

Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Fellow, 2008

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Research Award (Forschungpries). 2008

Advanced Institute of Management (UK), International Fellow; Visiting Professor London Business School, 2004–2005

Visiting Research Professor, Copenhagen Business School, 2002, 2004, 2006

Research Fellow, City University–Hong Kong, Fall/Winter 1997

Assistant Professor of Management, Anderson Graduate School of Management, University of California, Los Angeles, 1990–1992

Assistant Professor of Management, Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University, 1982–1990

Lecturer in Mathematics, Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago, 1981–1982


Research Support Received (and under application)

2012–2016 Australian Research Council (Linkage Program), Technology and Innovation Management in High Risk Situations (with T. Coltman, R. Sharma, S. Gudergan, B. Brooks and N. Lin) – A$652,000 (ARC) + $650,000 (Partners)

2010–2012 Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Research Award (Renewed).

2010–2014 Australian Research Council (Discovery Program), Extreme Values: The Anatomy of Civil Society Supporters and Protest Groups (with R. Belk, J. Schwalbach, P. Auger and A. Gunnthorsdottir) – A$388,000

2009–2012 Australian Research Council (Discovery Program), The Value of CSR to Close Stakeholders: A Discrete Choice Modelling Approach (with P. Auger and G. Dowling) – A$190,000

2008–2010 Australian Research Council (Linkage Program; CRT), Strategic Service Innovation: The Role of Heterogeniety in Substantive and Dynamic Capabilities (with I. Lings, S. Gudergan and J. Louviere) – A$510,000.

2008 Rockefeller Foundation, Bellagio Centre Fellow.

2007–2008 Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Research Award, €60,000.

2007–2010 Australian Research Council (Linkage Program; ACT Health), An Action Research Project to Strengthen Inter-Professional Learning and Practice Across the ACT Health System (with J. Braithwaite, R. Iedema, J. Westbrook, R. Foxwell, R. Boyce, K. Murphy, M.-A. Ryall, J. Beutel, M. Budge, W. Ramsey) – A$4,700,000.

2006–2009 Australian Research Council (Linkage Program; Bluescope Steel), A Simulation Based Approach to Understanding Alternative Supply Chain Configurations (with T. Coltman, J. Gattorna and T. Spedding) – A$231,000

2006–2008 Australian Research Council (Linkage Program; DHL), Modelling the Dynamics of Supply Chain Alignment: Linking Customer Behaviour to Internal Capabilities (with T. Coltman, J. Gattorna, E. Anderson) – A$1,000,000 [Note that I am not named as a co-investigator on this grant but am part of the project team].  (Described at: http://www.sitacs.uow.edu.au/projects/sca/DHL/index.htm)

2005–2007 Australian Research Council (Discovery Grant), Information Provision and the Valuation of Social Attributes (with P. Auger, MBS, A. Gunnthorsdottir, AGSM, J. Louviere and M. King, UTS) – A$205,000

2005–2007 Australian Research Council (Linkage Program), Patterns of Rural Segmentation (with J. Louviere and S. Gudergan) – A$1,400,000

2004 Cooperative Research Centre for Sustainable Tourism, Modelling and Exploring Tourism Consumer Choice: Strengthening the Knowledge Base for Improved Strategic Decision Making in The Australian Tourism Industy (with T. Huybers, G. Crouch, S. Dolnicar, J. Louviere, and H. Oppewal) – A$45,000

2003–2004 Australian Research Council (Special Research Initiative), Management and Consumer Decisionmaking Network—Convener of a seed funding request to create a network of academic researchers – A$30,000

2004–2005 Australian Research Council (Linkage International Award), Knowledge and Networks: An Evaluation of Patent Citation Activity and Active Knowledge Networks (with M. Reitzig and T. Pedersen, Copenhagen Business School) – A$45,400

2003–2006 Australian Research Council (Linkage Program), Negotiation Style Choice and Performance in Non-Equity Business Partnerships (with S. Gudergan) – A$105,000

2003–2005 Transurban, Discrete Choice Modeling of Infrequent Road Users (with J. Louviere) – A$275,000

2003 Nokia/Telstra, Using Lead User Research to Determine the Demand for 3G Service Delivery – A$50,000

2003–2005 Australian Research Council (Discovery Grant), Outcome Trust: An Experimental Validation (with R. Wood) – A$68,000

2003–2005 Australian Research Council (Discovery Grant), Cross-Cultural Differences in Perceptions Of Consumption Ethics (with G. Eckhardt and R. Belk) – A$112,000

2002–2003  CRC for Smart Internet Technology (Linkage Grant), Measuring Customer Response to Radical Future Technologies (with J. Louviere and industry partners Westpac) – A$138,000 + $25,000 top up, A$121,000 in 2004.

2000–2001 SAS Institute, E-Intelligence and Corporate Strategy – A$88,000

2000–2001 Special Research Grant (with R. Bhattacharya and Madan Pillutla) – A$15,000, Experimental Validation of Outcome Trust

1999–2002 SRG and UCG, Hong Kong, Measuring the Utility Value of Ethical Consumerism (with Patrice Auger and Jordan Louviere) – HK$143,860 (SRG) (granted 1/6/99) and A$115,000 (ARC)

1999–2001 Centre for Corporate Change, Knowledge Creation Processes and Firm Innovation (with David Midgley and Christine Soo) – A$20,000 + $9,000 extension of funding. Additional funding of US$100,000 secured through AT Kearney Centres of Excellence.

1999–2000 Australian Research Council (Small Grants), An Alternative Methodology for the Investigation of MNE Performance (with David Midgley, Sunil Venaik and Kendall Roth) – A$15,000


Timothy has taught in numerous executive programs in Australia, USA, Germany, Austria, France, Finland, Korea, India, China, Turkey and the Netherlands, as well as having worked and consulted with corporations world wide, including Apple Computer, Anadolu (Turkey), Telekom Austria, LG (Seoul), Boral, AT Kearney, GEC-Alsthom, AMP, TMP, Freshfields (UK) GM/Holden, CSR, Mobil, Koppers Industries, SAP, Rolls Royce (UK), SAS Institute, Hanimex/Rabbit Photo, Sabanci Holdings (Turkey), Thomson Publishing, Transfield, and Westfield Holdings—as well as many small Internet startups—e.g., Agribuys (US), Haburi (Denmark), Maconomy (Denmark), and ChateauOnline (France)—and governments and non-profits—e.g., the PRC (China), the government of PNG, Amnesty International, The Property Council of Australia, Invest Australia, Australian Manufacturing Council and the City of Sydney, to name only a selection. He was a panel member of the Australian Federal Government’s Research Quality Framework, responsible for the allocation of $600M in annual funding.


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 “Consumer Ethics Across Cultures,” published in conjunction with Consumption, Markets, and Culture, Finalist at the European ACR Film Festival, 2005 (24 Minutes).

“Why Don’t Consumers Behave Ethically? The Social Construction of Consumption,” People’s Choice Award winner at the European ACR Film Festival, 2006 (27 Minutes), Finalist at the ACR Film Festival, 2006. Full video published by Insight Media.


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