Simos Chari

Lecturer in Marketing

+44 (0) 113 343 8971
Academic, Marketing, Global and Strategic Marketing Research Centre (GLOSMARC)


PhD Strategic Marketing – Leeds University Business School
MSc International Marketing Management – Leeds University Business School
BSc Economics Science (Business Administration) – Aristotle University of Thessalonica


Dr. Simos Chari is a Lecturer in Marketing at Leeds University Business School. He holds a BSc in Economics Science with a Business Administration direction from the Aristotle University of Thessalonica, Greece. Dr. Simos Chari also holds an MSc in International Marketing Management and a PhD in Strategic Marketing from Leeds University Business School in Leeds, UK. Prior to his current position, Dr. Chari has worked in the industry as Marketing Executive.

Dr. Chari’s research interests revolve around strategic marketing issues (i.e., marketing strategy making processes, managerial decision making, intended and realized marketing strategies and strategic change) and e-commerce (i.e., online buying behavior,  C2C auction websites,  social media and electronic word of mouth). His research has been accepted for publication in renowned academic journals such as Journal of World Business, Journal of Business Ethics and British Journal of Management. His work is also regularly presented at leading academic conferences across the world.


Marketing Strategy: formulation and implementation of marketing strategies; marketing strategy making process; decision making in marketing organizations; intended and realized marketing strategies; strategic change.

E-commerce: online buying behavior; C2C auction websites; social-media; electronic word of mouth.    


Marketing Management (MBA)
Marketing Strategy (MSc)
Global Strategic Marketing (MA)
Internet Marketing (MSc and MA)
Understanding your discipline (PhD)

My Teaching Philosophy:

My teaching philosophy revolves around three main principles: (1) passion for teaching, (2) student engagement, and (3) practical relevance. I strongly believe that passion in teaching is a vital component of effective teaching. In my experience, effective teaching consists of a combination of formal lecture periods and smaller discussion sections. To this end, I strive to create an environment in my classrooms that fosters interactivity and student engagement. Students are frequently encouraged to participate, ask questions, express their opinions and debate on current business practices. Such environments maximise students? learning opportunities and overall experience. A seminar oriented approach is applied to all my lectures; that is, lectures are designed to encompass in-class activities, research problems, up to date case studies, and video clips. This approach conveys the concepts in a way that they are easily understood and demonstrates how these topics are related to modern business environments. Furthermore, group-working plays an important role in my teaching approach. Students are frequently prompted to work as a member of team; collaborating with a diverse group of people enhances communication and team-working skills, which in turn are essential for any career in business.


Module leader for Marketing Strategy (MSc)
Module leader for Global Strategic Marketing (MA)
Teaching at the postgraduate programmes
Masters postgraduate supervision (Masters and PhD)
Personal tutor


Refereed Journals:

Hyman, M.; Shabbir, H.; and Chari S. (2013), “Anti-Child-Abuse Ads: Believability and Willingness-To-Act”, Journal of Social Marketing (forthcoming)

Chari, S.; Katsikeas, C.; Balabanis, G.; and Robson, M. (2012), “Emergent Marketing Strategies and Performance: The Effects of Market Uncertainty and Strategic Feedback Systems”, British Journal of Management, In Press, DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-8551.2012.00843.x

Leonidas C.L.; Kvasova, O.; Leonidou, C.N.; and Chari, S. (2012), “Business Unethicality as an Impediment to Consumer Trust: The Moderating Role of Demographic and Cultural Characteristics”, Journal of Business Ethics, In Press, DOI: 10.1007/s10551-012-1267-9

Leonidas C.L.; Dayananda, P.; Chari, S.; and Leonidou, C.N. (2010), “Drivers and Outcomes of Importer Adaptive Behavior in International Business Relationships”, Journal of World Business, 46(4), pp. 527-543, DOI: 10.1016/j.jwb.2010.10.013

Contribution to Books:

MarketingBrief (2010): 100 Marketing Theories in Brief (1st Ed). London: Knowledge Brief. 

BusinessBrief (2008): 100 Business Concepts in Brief (1st Ed). London: Knowledge Brief. 

Selected Conference Presentations:

Chari, S.; Balabanis, G.; and Katsikeas, C. (2012), “Intended and Realised Marketing Strategy: Adaptive Marketing Organizations”, Proceedings of the AMS 2012 Annual Meeting, New Orleans, USA

Chari, S. (2011), “Market Environments as a Source of Information: The Effects of Uncertainly on Intended and Realized Marketing Strategy”, Paper accepted at the 2011 Academy of Marketing Science Conference, Miami, USA.

Chari, S. (2010), “Intended and Realised Marketing Strategy: The Deterministic Effects of Market Uncertainty”, Paper accepted at the 2010 Global Marketing Conference, Tokyo, Japan

Chari, S. (2010), “Marketing Strategy Making Process: An Empirical Analysis of Intended and Realised Strategies”, Proceedings of the AIB 2010 Annual Meeting, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Chari, S. (2009), “Intended and Realized Marketing Strategies: An Exploratory Perspective”, Proceedings of the 6th Strategic Management Society Conference, Washington, USA

Chari, S. (2009), “Marketing Strategy Formulation Process”, Paper accepted at the Annual Academy of Marketing Conference, Leeds, UK 

Chari, S. (2007), “Buyer-Seller Relationships in Business Networks”, Proceedings of annual IMP Group Doctoral Colloquium Conference, Manchester, UK

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