Associate Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management

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Academic, Management, Centre for Operations and Supply Chain Research (COSCR), Staff
G.49 Maurice Keyworth Building


PhD 2005 Huddersfield University
DipEd 1990 Leeds University
BA (H) 1985 CNAA


Dr Gary Graham is based at Leeds University Business School and is a member of TIGr and the Centre for Operations and Supply Chain Research. He is the Coordinator: Future Transport and Smart Cities Network (a membership of 40 international scholars and business practitioners, community workers).  His work to date focuses on the impact of the internet and digital technologies on supply chains, logistics and distribution operations. He has authored three books, thirty research papers and has worked on ESRC/EPSRC, British Academy, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and EU research grants investigating the economic and social consequences of disruptive innovation on the music, news media and information intensive sectors. His recent work focuses on the deployment of creative ethnographic “bridging techniques”.  This includes both between business and users and universities and communities. He deploys fictional prototyping/experimentation to bring extra attention to how organizations proactively reshape their relationships to external actors, and the users of technology thereby unlocking new pathways to create value from what they know and can do. In 2005, he was awarded by Emerald Publishers an Outstanding Guest Editor award for a SI he edited on: “SCM Evolution in the Creative Industries”. Graham was a Visiting International Research Scholar in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (October 2008; September 2011) and the School of Engineering at the University of California – Silicon Valley (February, 2009). Graham is co-chairing a strategy sub-themed steam of papers on “fictional prototypes” at the forthcoming British Academy of Management (BAM) 2013 conference, a PDW on “Organizing for Innovation through Fictional Prototyping” as part of the Technology and Innovation stream of the forthcoming:  American Academy of Management 2013 conference. Recently he organized a joint British Academy of Management/RCUK NEMODE + funded workshop entitled:  “Future technology and smartness imaging” in London on February 6 (2013). Finally Graham was invited on March the 27th by Dr Martin Power at the University of Limerick to give a public outreach lecture which took place in Moyross (housing estate).  This lecture is part of a public outreach programme Graham is currently organizing with Dr Greenhill at MBS, Dr Eve Coles,  Prof. Chee Wong & Prof. Gary Dymski here in Leeds. This is designed to frame a new academic community agenda that will build sustainable community partnership initiatives - focused on a range of cutting edge social and economic impact topics.


Module leader: 5236 MSc Operations and Innovation Management, 3980 U/G Operations Management

Teach seminars on 5751 MBA Operations Management


Lecturer in Operations Management 


 Journal publications 2017

  • Roden S, Nucccreli A, Li F, Graham, G. Big Data and Transformation of Operations Models: A Framework and A Research Agenda. Production Planning and Control. Paper accepted. 2017
  • Mehmood, R., Meriton, R., Graham, G., Hennelly, P., Kumar, M. (2017) “Exploring the Influence of Big Data on City Transport Operations: a Markovian Approach”. International Journal of Operations and Production Management. Vol 37 No 1, pp.75-104. January 2017.


  • Hennelly P, Graham G. Big data logistics: a health-care transport capacity sharing modelPOMS 2017 28th Annual Conference, 05 May 2017 - 08 May 2017. Global Operations, Emerging Horizon, Social Good and Technology. 07 May 2017

Journal publications 2016

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  • Masters, K., Young Oh, E., Cox, J., Simmons, B., Lintott, C., Graham, G., Greenhill, A., Holmes, K. What would researchers like to improve in communication initiatives. 29th International Astronomical Union (IAU) General Assembly. 3rd-14th August, 2015 Honolulu, Hawaii.
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  • Young Oh, E., Cox, J., Masters, K., Simmons, B., Lintott, C., Graham, G., Greenhill, A., Holmes, K. 12th International Conference of the International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR).  28th June – 1st July 2016,  Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Cox, J., Graham, G., Young Oh, E., Masters, K., Simmons, B., Lintott, C., Greenhill, A., Holmes, K. Organizing work online with crowds. 76th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AoM).  5th – 9th August 2016 Anaheim, California. Under review.


  • Co-I EPSRC Engineering Grand Challenges. (EPSRC GR/M23168) City Infrastructure Engineering, £4.2m PI: Phil Purnell, (02/15-02/20).

Post doctoral research fellow

Royston Meriton

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