Francesco Vallascas

Chair in Banking
Accounting and Finance Division
Deputy Director of The Institute of Banking and Investment (IBI) and The Centre for Advanced Studies in Finance (CASIF)

+44 (0) 113 34 34483
Academic, Centre for Advanced Studies in Finance (CASIF), International Banking Institute (IBI), Accounting and Finance
Room 1.03, 16 Clarendon Place


PhD in Finance, Leeds University Business School, Leeds, UK

Masters in Economics and Finance, Warwick Business School

First Degree in Economics, University of Cagliari, Italy


Student Feedback

  • 'I think Francesco does an amazing job'
  • 'The teacher was good and had good subject knowledge and brought forward new issues'

Principal Publications

1)    When a bank is too big for its national economy: Tail risks, risk channels and government guarantees (with K. Keasey and J. Hagendorff), Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, forthcoming.

2)    Board human capital, business expertise and the performance of public service organizations (with G. Veronesi and I. Kirkpatrick) Public Administration Review, forthcoming.

3)    CEO turnover in large banks: Does tail risk matter? (with A. Srivastav, S. Mollah, K. Keasey), Journal of Accounting and Economics,  64, 2017 .

4)    Does the impact of board independence on large bank risks change after the global financial crisis? (with S. Mollah and K. Keasey), Journal of Corporate Finance. 44, 2017.

5)    Do Banks issue equity when they are poorly capitalized? (with V. Dinger), Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 51, 2016.

6)    Are market measures of global systemic importance of financial institutions useful for regulators and supervisors? (with Q.Zhang, K. Keasey, and C. Cai),  Journal of Money Credit & Banking, 47, 2015.

7)    The Risk Sensitivity of Capital Requirements: Evidence from an International Sample of Large Banks (with J. Hagendorff), Review of Finance 17, 2013.

8)    Clinicians in the Board: What difference does it make? Social Science and Medicine 77, 2013 (with G. Veronesi and I. Kirkpatrick).

9)    Size, Risk and Governance in European Banking (with K. Keasey & J. Hagendorff), OUP

10)  CEO Pay Incentives and Risk-taking: Evidence from Bank Acquisitions (with J. Hagendorff),
Journal of Corporate Finance 17 (4), 2011.

Other Publications

11)  Banking Volatility Across Europe: A Twenty Year Study (with K. Keasey), Journal of Financial Services Research 43, 2013.

12)  Challenging the reliability of comparables under profit-based transfer pricing methods (with A. Mura and C. Emmanuel), Accounting and Business Research 43, 2013.

13)  CEO Bonus Remuneration and Bank Default Risk: Evidence from the U.S. and Europe (with J. Hagendorff), Financial Markets Institutions and Instruments 22(2), 2013.

14)  Bank Resilience to Shocks and the Stability of Banking Systems: Small is Beautiful (with K. Keasey), Journal of International Money and Finance 31, 2012.

15)  Modelling Deposit Insurance Losses under Basel II Framework (with R. De Lisa, S. Zedda, F. Campolongo, M. Marchesi), Journal of Financial Services Research 40, 2011.

16)  The Impact of European Bank Mergers on Bidder Default Risk (with J. Hagendorff), Journal of Banking & Finance 35(4), 2011.

17)  The Costs of Capital Regulation (with J. Hagendorff), in: Asset Liability Management for
Financial Institutions: Balancing Financial Stability with Strategic Objectives,
Bloomsbury Publishing, 2012.

18)  Pay and Risk-taking in Banking: The Roles of Bonus Plans and Deferred Compensation in Curbing CEO Risk Appetite (with J. Hagendorff), in: International Research Handbook for Banking and Governance (edited by J. Barth, C. Lin & C. Wihlborg), Edward Elgar Publishing, 2012.

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