Lecturer in Credit and Risk
Accounting and Finance Division

+ 44(0) 113 34 32644
Academic, Accounting and Finance, Credit Management Research Centre (CMRC)


PhD (Finance), The University of Leeds, UK.
MBA, Durham University, UK.
BSc (Civil Engineering), Istanbul Technical University, Turkey.


"Dean’s award for teaching excellence 2013"

"Dean’s award for teaching excellence 2016"  

“Best Paper Award: 11th OBHC Conference, Montreal, 2018”


2010-present  Lecturer in Accounting and Finance, Leeds University Business School, The University of Leeds, UK.

2008-2010  Research Fellow, Credit Management Research Centre, Leeds University Business School, The University of Leeds, UK.


Ali’s primary research interest is directed toward the fields of behavioural finance and risk management and lies at the intersection of finance, psychology, and economics. In addition, Ali’s research also covers the application of analytics and advanced methodologies on the study of management, governance and performance of professional organisations and public services. 




LUBS5011M - Applied Finance
LUBS5062M - Accounting and Finance Dissertation
LUBS5025M - Financial Modelling and Analysis

Research Methods in Finance
Risk and Insurance
Behavioural Finance
Current Issues in Finance
Consumer and Corporate Credit
Quantitative Methods

Student Feedback
“The teacher is quite professional”.
“The lecturer was energetic and well-structured the lectures”.
“Dr Ali's enthusiastic teaching technique was amazing to witness !!!!!”.
“Dr Ali is one of the best lecturers I have ever had in my life. He is very enthusiastic with his job and really does his best in the class”.
“Really helpful for my growth as a student and a prospective employee!!!”


Refereed Journal Articles

Kirkpatrick, I., Altanlar, A. and Veronesi, G. (2017) “Corporatisation and the emergence of (under-managered) managed organisations: The case of English public hospitals”, Organization Studies, 38(12), 1687-1708.

Veronesi, G., Kirkpatrick, I. and Altanlar, A. (2015) “Clinical leadership and the changing governance of public hospitals: Implications for patient experience”, Public Administration, 93(4), 1031-1048.

Wilson, N., Wright, M. and Altanlar, A. (2014) “The survival of newly-incorporated companies and founding director characteristics”, International Small Business Journal, 32(7), 733-758.

Wilson, N. and Altanlar, A. (2014) “Company failure prediction with limited information: Newly incorporated companies”, Journal of the Operational Research Society, 65(2), 252-264.

Other Publications

Wilson, N., Wright, M. and Altanlar, A., “Private equity, buy-outs, leverage and failure”, Working Paper, CMBOR/CMRC, 2010.

Wilson, N. and Altanlar, A., “Director characteristics, gender balance and insolvency risk: An empirical study”, Working Paper, CMRC, 2009.

Wilson, N. and Altanlar, A., “Part 1 LBOs and insolvency risk”, in “Private equity and insolvency” (eds. Wrigth, M., Wilson, N. and Cressey, R.), Research report, British Venture Capital Association, 2010.

Wilson, N., Altanlar, A., Evans, P. and Ip, B., “A longitudinal analysis of business performance, financial health and growth potential for SMEs in Wales”, Research report, Welsh Assembly, 2010.

Scholes, L., Wilson, N., Wright, M., Noke, H. and Altanlar, A., “UK family businesses: Industrial and geographical context, governance and performance”, Research report, Institute for Family Business, 2010.

Wilson, N., Altanlar, A., Veronesi, G. and Clacher, I., “An analysis of UK regional development agency support on company performance: Evidence from Yorkshire and the regions”, Research Report, Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, 2010.

Altanlar, A. and Wilson, N., “UK risk and insolvency report”, CMRC, quarterly publication (2008-2010).

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