Alan Pearman
Academic, Management, Centre for Decision Research (CDR), Research Centres, Divisions
Multi-criteria decision making, risk analysis, policy and project evaluation, stakeholder engagement


MA, Phd University of Leeds
BSocSci University of Birmingham


2006 - 2011 Pro-dean for Research, Leeds University Business School 
2001 - 2006 University Pro-vice-chancellor for Learning & Teaching
1997-2001 Dean of Research, Faculty of Business, Law, Education and Social Sciences
1995-1997 Head of Management Division


Decision research, embracing both behavioural and quantitative aspects of decision making under risk and with multiple criteria. Recent applications include: transport investment appraisal, European energy grid infrastructure; climate change risks; environmental assessment of nuclear waste options; healthcare and medicine; waste recycling;  etc. See Centre for Decision Research for further details

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