WBRC Seminar - Delivering Strategic Change

09:00 - 10:00
Emeritus Professor John Oakland
1.05 Charles Thackrah Building

'Delivering Strategic Change'

The Workplace Behaviour Research Centre (WBRC) would like to welcome you to a morning seminar hosted by Emeritus Professor John Oakland, Founder of Oakland Consulting llp and The Oakland Institute.

Moving away from the classic strategic planning approaches, he will explain how to deliver real, sustainable and beneficial change following the constructs of the "5Ds" - Direction, Diagnosis, Design, Development, Deployment - and the Oakland "Figure 8" change model developed from 'action research' in The Oakland Institute. John will demonstrate how these are particularly effective for large and complex organisations.

For more information please contact Steven Hawkins: S.D.Hawkins@leeds.ac.uk

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