Professor Stuart comments in People Management

Montague Burton Professor of Human Resource Management and Employment Relations Mark Stuart was quoted in a People Management article on 13 December about the state of HR outsourcing.

The article entitled "Understanding the state of HR outsourcing" looks at the pros and cons of outsourcing, following its boom at the turn of the millennium.  

The article argues that outsourcing HR has a bad name in some circles, using international call centres and high profile disasters as examples. By contrast, some HR leaders believe that outsourcing has enabled them to tackle big strategic issues and increase efficiencies.

Professor Stuart comments that the potential benefits of reducing cost and complexity, and freeing up HR professionals from time-consuming administration, have proved elusive:

Many HR functions found themselves spending as much time managing contracts and vendors – particularly when things went wrong – as they had previously spent doing those activities themselves. So they merely replaced one set of mundane functions with another. And if people are focused on managing contracts and services, the efficiency savings and value for money you reap are questionable.

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