Outstanding Academic Performance Prize for Dr Rebecca Pieniazek

Congratulations to Dr Rebecca Pieniazek who has been awarded the School's Outstanding Academic Performance Prize for her Doctoral studies.

Rebecca’s PhD research explored the concept of organizational resilience, its relationship with organizational performance, and the variables that moderate this relationship. Rebecca’s PhD research is one of the few studies to examine organizational resilience empirically and did so with high methodological and statistical rigour, establishing it as a vital capability for organizations to develop to enable them to survive and thrive in turbulent business environments.

In practical terms, Rebecca's research has developed a measure of organizational resilience to enable firms to benchmark their capability in this area and gauge improvements over time. Furthermore, by providing a deep understanding of organizational resilience, Rebecca’s PhD research will also enable practical interventions to be developed for organizations to improve their capability in this area.

Congratulations from everyone at STC to Rebecca for gaining her PhD and winning this prestigious award.

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