Centre for Decision Research (CDR) Seminar

14:00 - 15:00
Assistant Professor Josh Weller
Leeds University Business School, Maurice Keyworth Building, Room 1.44
Who can attend:
Staff, students, alumni and external guests

Who is a Risk Taker? Insights from Behavioural Decision-Making and Individual Differences Research

Assistant Professor of Developmental Psychology Josh Weller, Tilburg University, The Netherlands, will be delivering the fourth presentation in the Centre for Decision Research’s 2017/18 seminar series. 

The concept of risk and risk-taking is a commonly discussed, but still poorly understood construct. In the psychological literature, risk-taking can be defined in numerous ways, which contributes to confusion and a lack of coherence in findings across clinical, personality, and decision-making literatures.  

In this talk, Josh Weller will present research that demonstrates the challenges and opportunities with respect to risk behaviour. From an integrative perspective encompassing research at the behavioural, individual difference, and process-levels, he will present research that suggests who may be more likely to take a risk, how they approach uncertainty, and the antecedent factors that may encourage risk behaviour. 

For further information, please contact the Research Office at research.LUBS@leeds.ac.uk

About the speaker

Josh Weller

Assistant Professor Josh Weller

The research of Assistant Professor Josh Weller focusses onhow broadly affective and cognitive processes contribute to decision-making andrisk perceptions. He is currently conducting research addressing fourspecific questions:

  1. How do decision-making abilities change from childhoodto older age? 
  2. In what ways may child maltreatment impact thedevelopment and synthesis abilities? 
  3. How does stress impact decision making?
  4. To what degree do individual differences in personalitycorrelate with decision-making processes and risk perceptions?

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