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Adaptation Information Management and Technology (AIMTech) is an interdisciplinary research centre interested in the inter-relationship between new technologies and information systems, innovation, information management and organisational change.

As a group we have a successful track record of undertaking research and evaluation projects since 2002. To see our members' publications please visit our staff directory.


Our research tackles organisational and societal challenges, in collaboration with industry and the public sector. We deliver insight, knowledge and impact with studies of organisational change, and evaluation and design of information services and systems.

We are committed to and value on-going transfer of knowledge with both the public and the private sectors.  

Activity Theory forms a theoretical bedrock for many of our research and projects. Our unit of analysis is the activity (the overall sociotechnical system), with a focus on technologies and instruments that mediate the achievement of people and organisational goals.  


AIMTech delivers dedicated teaching on Information Systems and contributes to Undergraduate, Masters, MBA and PhD programmes at the Leeds University Business School:

Partnerships and collaborations

We offer commercial services, partnerships and opportunities for collaborations including: