Winning Paper for Two Business School Professors

Professor Chris Forde (second from left) and Professor Gary Slater (far right)

Professor of Employment Studies,Chris Forde and Associate Professor in Economics, Gary Slater have won the CIPD Ian Beardwell Prize, a prestigious award given to the best paper presented at the Annual CIPD Applied Research Conference.

Chris and Gary presented their paper at the 2015 conference, on ‘Temporary agency work: evolution, regulation and implications for performance’. A paper based on this presentation has recently been published in the Journal of Organisational Effectiveness: People and Performance. The research for this paper was funded by ACAS.

Judging panellist Jonny Gifford, from the CIPD, said that the paper was a worthy winner, ‘describing as it does the increasing complexity in the use of agency labour, a growing segment of UK employment…A couple of insights stood out in particular as being well made: that differing deals for temps and permanent employees may be managed by HR if it is not a deliberate attempt to create a two-tier workforce; and that the Swedish Derogation may come to the fore in the UK context.' 

The announcement of the prize was made at the 2016 Applied Research Conference at Westminster Business School. The award was set up by Julie Beardwell in memory of Professor Ian Beardwell, a leading HR scholar who died in 2002.

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