Valentina's paper at ECIS 2017

Valentina Lichtner could not attend ECIS this year, but Tony Cornford (LSE) was there and presented the paper they wrote together, under the conference track ‘A sociotechnical approach for 21st century problems

Lichtner, V, Cornford, T, Klecun, E. (2017) ‘It’s people heavy’: A Sociotechnical view of hospital discharge,  ECIS – European Conference of Information Systems 2017[research paper]. Portugal, June 2017

‘It’s people heavy’ is about the enduring challenge of establishing a hospital discharge process that will supply the right medicines to patients as they leave hospital to use when they return home. The paper is written in a ‘documentary genre’ to show how sociotechnical this quotidian task is. It  gives insight on how 21st century healthcare continues to present fundamental sociotechnical challenges. We hope to show what sociotechnical means in everyday practice, how healthcare work is ‘people heavy’ and how it spills out of its digital confines into different artefacts, physical places and timelines.

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